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River Fly monitoring

River Fly monitoring

Lots of you have expressed an interest in being involved in our local river fly monitoring group, covering both the Frome and the Piddle.

We are moving forward with our first get together which is going to take place at-

Richard Slococks “Wessex Fly Fishing” at Southover, Tolpuddle.
Sunday 21st March at 10.00am

Please bring a pair of boots or waders, and a notebook, why not bring the family it will be a fun couple of hours.

John Aplin 01305 257490 Richard Slocock 01305 848460


January can be funny month, not a lot happening springs to mind, winter species are nearly over and the summer ones are still a while off, months in fact, I am seriously looking forward to lots of kayak fishing this coming summer.
Ben managed to sneak one from the margins last weekend, and on a carp rod!

We are heading out to Thailand in a week or so to take in some jungle treking, and I have the feeling that I might get away with sneaking a travel 8 weight and a spinning rod into the deal, after all there are one or two strange fish out there, tempting!

Elliot and I built a rather large picnic table last week, to put a twist and a touch of class to any future fishing lunches, or dinners.

I know for a fact there have been a few people with those expensive red rods spending a little time around one of Dorset’s most southerly points trying to catch something on a lure, they are keeping their results fairly quiet…..and I have seen no pictures……

January has been a month of meetings with various bodies, a huge amount of work in my role as vice chairman of the FP&WDFA raising funds for projects on Dorsets famous chalk streams, a great couple of weeks redd counting, and now planning for this coming year.

We have for the first time ever, placed an advert in the Dorset Life, trying to push the pond side of the company.

We (cheers to fellow GF director) have also, as previously mentioned launched a new fantastic website and as part of our guiding service been asked to continue guiding for including the world famous One Fly compitition on the river Test…..How exciting…..Thanks to Jon Bond and all the test guides.

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New Guided Fishing website

Now you can all take a few minutes of your time to check out our new website, a site dedicated to the fishing guide, if you are a guide or simply fancy being a guide in a an area that you know well, please join us, its simple and its free………

Just click on to then go to add yourself, its that easy.

The website is in its early days, we aim to build it swiftly into one of the leading guide and fishing sites, we have many plans, so join us and grow with us!

Cutting the Redd

After spending a while laying on frozen ground we were lucky to capture a few clips of a Salmon cutting a Redd somewhere in the Frome valley.

The count goes on

Again we started our redd counting at first light, and we both agreed that it was the coldest conditions we have ever worked in, so cold that the ink in all our pens froze, a balmy minus 4 !

I could not resist this picture of a swans landing pad on ice, and its exit route, we have seen lots of hungry creatures on our travels, including a fox chasing a pheasant during the middle of the day.

Our redd count is gradually improving in numbers, but the highlight of the day was spotting a huge hen fish sat on a redd, I say huge, she was well over 20 pounds, and not far away a dead cock fish of about fifteen pounds, great to see these big multi sea winter fish, but not in such worrying numbers, and such a shame that a percentage of them die.

On a very positive note, we only ran two hatchery boxes on the Frome this year but the hatch rate has been fantastic, I feel not only due to the amount of water but the cold water temperature has also helped.

On a much much warmer note, and with lots of Big fish check out the latest news at “Fish the Dream”

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