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Kind words from a visiting angler……

Hello John

Please accept my apologies for a very delayed response to your email.I would like to thank you for a really enjoyable days fishing on the beat at Bockhampton on 14th July – it was a really memorable day on your magical stretch of the Frome and it was a real privilege to fish this lovely stretch of river.Although the day had its challenges – a fairly persistent wind and occasional rain, I had a really brilliant day. Your advice for a 7’6″ #4 rod was spot on and although I only “landed” 3 fish (all safely returned) all on a GRHE Nymph (14), I did manage to get a number of rises to my dry fly in some of the slower pools and glimpsed a few dark monsters in various lies along the beat!I thought that you had achieved just the right balance of vegetation and access both on the banks and in the river itself and the rough areas away from the bank were a wonderful natural setting for wildlife. The fish were excellent sport, quick and feisty but not impossible to catch and a good number were evident throughout the beat.I can only say how envious I am of your members who are able to fish this beat on a regular basis – it was a real pleasure and a privilege to be able to fish this beat myself.Many thanks for a really enjoyable day – I hope I will be able to visit you again soon. Keep up the good work.

Kind regards,Kim Benniman

PS the Pub was an excellent recommendation – great lunch!

Fish tales

An incredibly varied week, we have seen most of southern England on various watery projects.

One client e mailed through some photographs of some willow bank revetment that Elliot and I did back in the winter, what a transformation!

Elliot hard at it back in the winter

Six or so months later

A bit of mowing on Saturday morning, whilst I was grafting Libs sneaked off and caught a 4lb Chub!
Whilst on the subject of fishing, next year I will be running a couple of trips during prime Tarpon season to the Florida Keys with “Fish the Dream” there is some availibility during June, so if you need something to look forward to this is most definitly the one thing to do…….
I decided that it would be a good idea to make some Pike fish pie, great until you start taking the bones out, and the bones out, then go through it and take the bloody bones out…….. nightmare, but well worth it in the end, also boiled up what was left and made some cracking Pike soup!

No Mullet

Yesterday after a long days tree trimming and weed cutting, and getting stung by a wasp, we decided on a hours fishing in Weymouth harbour could be a fitting end to a good day.

We arrived just after the heavens opened, and the Crabs stole all our bait.

Not giving up, and after some careful feeding we enticed some cracking Mullet into a feeding frenzy, including one or two lunkers, just as a possible PB swam up to my hook bait…….A bright spark jumped down onto the jetty “any luck mate”?**** nope nothing!!!!!!! I politely replied, it was time to head home for a glass of wine.

The inner harbour

Today was great we constructed a large Gazebo using nothing but live Willow!

Crabbing in Weymouth

We had rain last weekend that lasted for well over 24 hours, I got up early on the Sunday to go and take some pictures of my predicted flooded river……. NO change not even a splash of colour!

A couple of days off fishing with the girls was great, after a long day getting wet in the river, the highlight was tonight, crabbing in Weymouth harbour, Libs and I went for a couple of hours and she caught 11 in a drop net (all returned) what fun!
Mackerel is the top bait.

Catching up on a little fishing

Some how this week Elliot and I have succeeded in getting all the river beats we maintain looking immaculate, all the paperwork is done, so at last we have a day or two to catch up on some fishing time.

We did head out after Tench for a couple of hours last weekend, no Tench, I managed a Bream and Elliot had a good carp off the surface in a very snaggy area…..well angled….on an old Avon rod.

On a red bait….

Wednesday evening on a flooding tide Ben and I fished in the Fleet and caught a couple of Bass, I caught my smallest yet!

Back you go……..

Last night in some very shallow water, not far from Portland, we were surrounded by Mullet, great to watch these fish, I forgot my camera, typical there was lots to photograph, but these fish were a little tricky to say the least….

Andrea and I went co catch a few Mackerel after dropping Libs at school, we had enough for tea, and Andrea had a 2 pounder it was huge!