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Dorset County Show

We all had a great time, clearing blanket weed from the casting pond that is in front of our stand at the show, a good way to start a Sunday, after being woken at 6am to torrential rain and thunder!
A complete contrast to the evenings fishing we enjoyed last night.
Off to a meeting now regarding another habitat project on the Frome, a spot of strimming, then off to the Avon at 6am tomorrow.

Team spirit….

Ferry Bridge

After a frantic week, a huge thanks to Terry, Tim, Rob, Elliot, Tony, Dad and Mum (the riverworks team) for all your help!
We were blessed with some fine weather for an evenings fishing, the fishing was not important, being there was!
Great company, and a great location……
Here is a few pictures to round off a hectic week, please come and see us at the Dorset County Show next weekend…..

Three generations of fisherfolk and friends.

Rob sorting his lures…

Dad and Libs talk tactics, John G gets on with it….

Can someone send me a picture of a fish to post?


We were blessed with an hour or two of warm sun as we all thought about finishing our various watery tasks today, great the first warm spell and it only lasted a couple of hours, the guys yesterday wore coats for most of the day!

I noticed a couple of days ago while driving through a particularly beautiful wooded area of the River Avon that some of the trees were starting to change colour…..

Talking to a friend who was walking his dog upstream of the new fish pass on the Frome saw a Salmon leap out of the water, early I know, lets all keep our fingers crossed for our Frome Salmon.

We sit with anticipation, awaiting consent for another habitat improvement project to take place on the Frome, work to commence in October, we will have our gravel washing team also out in October washing riffles upstream of Dorchester in a drive to improve Salmonid spawning over the winter months.

Creating more spawning habitat…..

The ruling for no in channel works after 31 Oct always puts a little preasure on dead lines, all our team are comitted until this date on our river work projects, and maintanence contracts, all still water and bank work will comence after this date.

August bank holiday

Another month nearly over, its still damp and slightly cooler than one hoped for this summer!
I have to say on a positive note that this years UK climate has been very kind to us outdoor workers.
we spent a little of the weekend getting ready for the show, meetings with sign makers etc, a spot of gentle mowing on the river after working long hours all week, and a nights fishing with the girls.

Libs caught more than I did……

It did rain during the night, but thanks to Graham and Carol for the willow china, Libs was able to drink her morning tea in style….

Misty mornings

Its possibly got something to do with the hours we are all doing at the moment, but its only just getting light when we set off for work and some evenings its just getting dark on our return.

So much for catching that evening rise, or even sneaking a Bass or two out at the weekend.

One morning last week as we drove through Hampshire and on into Wiltshire we had one of the finest sunrises I have seen since the winter, misty river valleys and lazy live stock.

I spent most of the weekend either in the office, (when it was raining) or walking the banks of the Frome, exploring different areas with my daughter, who expressed great pleasure in showing me how to pick nettles without being stung!

The Frome is in great shape thanks to such a wet summer…..

The Dorset County show is rapidly approaching, we are planning an action packed, fun stand, we need lots of helpers to promote all the good conservation work being done on our chalk streams, if you can help out please get involved, come on board…. we might even give you a casting lesson…..

Dorset show, great fun…..