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Duck weed

Trust me, you really do not want Duck weed in your pond, or lake!

Today we came up with a method for removing it, fairly hard work, but if done on a regular basis you can beat the problem, you just need a sense of humour….

No good for float fishing…

Pumping is only part of the plan…

What a day

Spring sunshine, how good does that make you feel?

All our river beats look fantastic, fish rising, lots of fly, and fisher folk out enjoying themselves!

Catching up at last now its dry, lots of mowing (that time of year again), a spot of fishing, and we are off to the Keys in a week!

We are joined by Henry Gilbey for the first five days, for some awesome Tarpon fishing at seven mile bridge, near to Marathon Key, with FISH THE DREAM, if you have not yet experienced the thrill of hooking a TARPON you need to get in touch with me, or Rodney at fish the dream to plan a trip, life is to short not to do it…..So exciting is it, that I have planned a trip for my wife and daughter to tour the keys next spring…

We cut trees in all sorts of places!

One weight or a ten weight its always enough to keep you awake at night…

Watch out for Mayfly soon…

A couple of pictures

I have just been browsing through hundreds of pictures, with a view to adding a few updates to my website (Cheers John!).

And I thought that I would just pick a few for my blog, another cold evening, huge easterlies, not much fly, but there is a few anglers out doing their stuff, FAB……………..

Great, just when you are making progress, the blogger comes up with an error report, not now, its late ….

Shut it all down, a glass of wine and all seems fine!

The River Frome, Fish the rest then come to the best…..

The Ranunculus on the Frome is at its finest for many years, great news for the whole eco system.
Messing about with yet more fish!

The good old blog is playing up, cant load any more pictures, try again later….
Great fun these here computers, I am sure its just me.

Ah here we are, its working again, breakfast on a special ocassion

Blog does not want to play tonight, lots going on, resume diary tomorrow, lots of exciting stuff going on, John G and Glyn off fishing in Poland, the gang off in search of a record Permit in the Florida Keys, Tony and Claire back from Africa after three months fly fishing, watch this space for their adventure stories…

If you fancy any of the Top Cat dates can you please confirm with me ASAP

More pond weed

It is that time of year again, clearing pond weed…..

Weed choked…

But not for long…

With the warm weather approaching it is always worth considering the installation of an aeration
system to help protect your valuable fish stocks!

The Riverworks team out covering all things watery…

Orvis open day

A great day was had by all on the “Ginger Beer Beat”, on the river Test at Kimbridge, we all got to play with their entire range of rods, including the new (AWESOME) Helios range, trust me you need to try one….

Breakfast when we arrived..

Rob Spey casting…I think….

Dave trying some of the finest single malt…

On the way back we popped into Stockbridge for a spot of man shopping, fishing stuff nothing more nothing less! oh and a fish smoker and a fast sinking leader….