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wet wet wet!

Tuesday was touch and go but the right decision was made to go ahead with some electro fishing on the middle Frome, lots of lovely wild Brown Trout, Grayling, a few Pike to 17lbs and more Dace than usual, and a big thank you to Scott and George from “Kingcombe Aquacare”, more weed cutting in the evening and a supper of smoked escape Rainbow Trout.

Happy days…

Wednesday we got so wet that even my make shift carrier bag socks filled with RAIN water!

I neglected to take any pictures due to the rain, and my thanks go out to all involved with the extreme strimming and yet more weed cutting going on into the evening.

Today I was guiding for “Fishing Breaks” lots of Mayfly and a similar amount of fish to 3lbs 8 oz a great day!

Picture by Tony King..

When I set off to Hampshire at 6.30am I swung in at Bockhampton to check the Frome and it was well up and certainly not fishable, by my return at 8.30pm it was similar to yesterday, lots of Mayfly spinners, and looking good for tomorrow, crack on!!

Female Mayfly and chuck on my waders.