“Fishing with Charles Jardine”

We have had great fun working with Charles Jardine over the last few years, and he will continue to put a huge smile on the faces of our visitors to the Frome Valley during 2014…

Charles and his son Alex are seriously passionate about the Frome, the people who fish here and have been great supporters of the Dorset Chalk Stream Club.

“If you crave a glimpse of how fishing might have been: savour an unhurried tranquil and unspoilt slice of southern fishing in an ever frantic world, then we positively urge that you sample what the Frome has to offer. It is unique in every way. From the water meadows, to the wildlife, to the river and the rising trout and shadowy grayling. This place is “special” and “haunting” beyond words.” Charles and Alex Jardine

 “Charles Jardine”  certainly knows how to make Fly Fishing fun, as you can see in the photographs, we can arrange fishing with Charles to suit you, from one to one for tuition, through to a days package for your party including lunch, using any of our beats.

Any budding fly-fisher who would love to spend an hour or so in the company of this true gentleman on a fine Chalkstream would need to arrange a date with us fairly promptly…… 01305 257490

Happy days on the Frome

Putting smiles on peoples faces

It is imperative to be as qualified to teach that subject (what ever it happens to be) as is possible. Thus the whole thing is: total, enjoyable, safe, educational and informative.

So I am glad to say that I am an accredited First for sport/ ADB level 2 Coach (that is the government/education one.) for casting I have FFF masters, APGAI, GAIA…. and just a little bit of experience. The latter being probably the most important.

Basically we like to think that your in very safe hands in what ever capacity you want in fly-fishing; to be it purely casting or a more practical “outing” on the water – this encompasses the entire kaleidoscope of fly fishing. Be that in salt water, through small streams, grand chalk streams, rough and tumble free stone rivers, large reservoirs and  small still waters – bugs, tying flies – the whole panoply.

A days tuition and Fishing is not as expensive as you might think. Contact  charles@charlesjardine.co.uk for an

up to the moment cost of a day and/or an hour, that might change your fly fishing views for all time.


Lower Frome

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