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Still water Trout

It has been a while since I have found Trout fishing on a still water’s to be fun for more than half a day. (after lunch I still wanted more stalking)

Ben A talked me into a trip up the Avon valley to fish Manningford Trout Fishery .

Hooked on a very short cast..

Matching sunglasses

We arrived early on a fabulous spring morning, to be greeted with warm sunshine and rising fish, a great looking interesting fishery, and a sensible size, islands, overhanging trees and very clear water, making this venue great for stalking!

A colourful fish on a similar fly….

All the fish we saw and caught were over 3 pounds in weight, and Bens largest was over 6 pounds, and to make a full day of it, when you have caught your bag limit you can go onto the catch and release lake.

We carried on after a long lunch!

Time to go home for tea….

I hooked a fish that was well over ten pounds, my first UK fish in a long time to take all the fly line and a fair bit of backing, before throwing the hook!!!!

The fishery is managed by Malcom Hunt, who seriously knows his stuff and in my opinion is running a first class set up.

Keep your eye on this venue, go and give it a try, Malcom has got it right, and still he wants to improve on it!!!

We will be back………

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I only started fly fishing in earnest earlier this year but after I discovered Manningford several months ago I thought this was by far the best water I have fished. I have had five visits and always easily caught my 4 fish quota and have had several over 5lbs with one a few weeks ago of 10lb 4 oz.
    Excellent fishery.