Road run off

Our chalk streams support a vast amount of wildlife, and are very complex and fragile habitats, this balance can very easily be tipped the wrong way!

The below photograph was taken when we were working on a project in the upper Frome catchment, on a stunning brook that flows into the Frome, we had a shower of rain, and it flushed a bit of grime off the A37 road and into the river, as the snow is melting it is even worse!

We are all eyes and ears and need to look out for our rivers, we also took some video of this pollution, and reported it to the EA, they along with Natural England are following it up and we await the outcome, in fact road run off has been discussed at various FP&WDFA meetings, whats the next step, and where is the funding going to come from? Answers on a postcard please……

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