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Photo diary

“Pictures speak a thousand words”, well that’s what they say, and I feel that there is a lot of truth in that, especially late on a Friday night after a glass of wine and a seafood stir fry! Or stew fry if its been cooked for too long, the words of fly guru and friend Tony K.

Great spring weather, and I hear on the grapevine that there could be the odd Bass about now?

Spent a day helping the EA electric fishing for some important research work to do fish migration and the new fish pass at Louds Mill.

“A small Frome Grayling”….

Today was sunny and warm, a brisk easterly wind, not so good for fishing but spot on for spending a day with great FRIENDS working on the DFC water, ready for the start of the season, inc a surprise birthday cake…..

Trust me its good for the soul…..

A card and a hand tied Tarpon Fly from my fishing friends….

At some stage in the day we got a hell of a lot done……

Thanks to all involved, A great day with great people and a cake…….