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In between working on the river, lakes and building water features, we try to get in as much fishing as possible, I am a great believer in eating fresh fish, game and home grown veg……

Our weekend was a gather fish weekend, after all its been sunny for a while, we fished from the beach on Saturday and caught ONE Mackerel, (I know its still early).

Kayaking, no bites at all but we did collect lots of nice sea lettuce at low tide, and Lib’s caught one micro shrimp!

And to make us all really hungry, we fished the Race, and the Shambles, (flat calm and sunny) and again drew a blank, so as a treat we could well have limpets and sea lettuce for supper tonight.

Inland things are beginning to move, great hatches of Grannom and rising fish, one early Mayfly spotted, and the instream enhancement works that we completed last year have all worked, lots of stream narrowing, and the willow islands we built now full of silt and growing!

We have been busy on both the Frome and the Piddle, mowing, fencing, guiding, and on the domestic front our pond and water feature dept is gathering speed…….Spring is upon us!