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Lake Restoration

Nothing worse than a lake that simply will not stay up to level, frustrating and rather unsightly…  After a little head scratching and on site meetings we came up with a plan to suit this recent project, re profiling of the lake edges with clay to seal the leaks and at the same time leaving …

Winter lake maintenance

A great day last week with our Casterbridge Fisheries team, Elliot, Eddie and Kevin, carrying out a winter maintenance visit to a lake in Hampshire, weed cutting, an application of micro chalk and a really good tidy up ready for Christmas.

Duck weed removal

A huge thank you to Elliot, Eddie, and Tom for all their hard work on our latest Duck weed removal program… If you have a problem with invasive aquatic weeds we can help!  

Stillwater Weed Cutting

Its that time of year again, excessive weed growth on stillwaters due to all the fine weather we are having. We are getting calls, particulary from angling clubs, because of the boom in invasives such as Fringe Lilly, canadian pond weed, Azolla…and the dreaded blanket weed. We are able come in with our team, even at fairly …

Swim building

We are blessed with some stunning spring weather, and we need this dry spell as we are working on some old clay pits. We are building swims, improving the anglers access and constructing platforms for disabled anglers on this rather fine complex of lakes in our own county of Dorset…..

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