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Fish Rescue

Casterbridge Fisheries Ltd are delighted to work alongside Riversdale Aquatics to provide an outstanding electric fishing service.

Last week we were carrying out a fairly comprehensive “Fish Rescue” at Heathrow Airport prior to de-silt work being carried out, all fish were returned to the close by river in line with the Environment Agency consent and our method statement.


Salmon Parr

A stunning little Frome Salmon Parr on one of our fish population surveys…. “When I grow up I want to be a Multi Sea Winter Fish”…..


Post works electric fishing survey

A year ago almost to the day, Casterbridge Fisheries Ltd along with the Dorset Wildlife Trust delivered a rather stunning piece of enhancement work on the river Frome here in Dorset.

Prior to the work’s being carried out, a detailed pre works survey was undertaken then it was on with the project 

Today we carried out our post works survey and were seriously pleased with the results, a very noticeable increase in the fish population and an increase of plant species within the area….  As always a big thank you to Eddie and Elliot….. More pictures on our Facebook page…

Cumbrian Fish Rescue

Last week we responded to an urgent request from  to carry out a fish removal operation in Uldale, Cumbria, for their clients, the fish removal was a legal requirement by the Environment Agency prior to work by the contractors to restore the reservoir fish pass channel.

The same day we were loaded and on our way north, 7 hour’s later we reached our overnight stop and were on site early the next morning at the Chapel House Dam.

Following a detailed site induction and risk assessment of the structure, and working in conjunction with the construction engineer’s, we successfully carried out our fish rescue, and controlled de-water. 

As the fish pass structure on this reservoir dam was drained down, we were able to electric fish each section individually, removing Brown Trout, Eel’s and Brook Lamprey to their new home, just downstream of the temporary coffer dam, enabling work to commence immediately.   

We would like to thank the contractors on site for their professionalism and help, and also the Environment Agency for turning around the electric fishing consent so quickly.

Our electric fishing link –



Electric Fishing

Today we carried out a pre enhancement works, fish population survey for the  Dorset Wildlife Trust, gathering important data for detailed reports to run alongside important fishery work happening on various river catchments here in Dorset.

The data collected is then used as a comparison for survey results gathered by us a year after projects have been completed, more than often highlighting the importance and success of conservation work.

Below is a photograph showing the difference between a Frome Salmon and Brown Trout….. Which do you think is which??