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All about fish

Hi I am libertyand i am crazy about fish like my dad, i have caught Little fish and big fish. They have 1,000000000 scales all over their bodies and Little lines on there fins but they also have 1000 tiny dots in their eyes and a strange mouth .

Australian new year

A short e mail from my brother who lives in slightly warmer place, managed a fish or two with the family over the New Year….. John As requested pictures regarding Port Lincoln, South Australia and a caption to go with it for you to work on. Port Lincoln is a fishing paradise hidden away on …

Maria Maria Maria xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Today through no fault of her own MARIA decided to take her soul to another place, to rest in peace and to keep a watchful eye on all her loved ones, only an hour or so has passed and already we miss her and will do forever, we will weep for as long as it …

Ringstead beach

August bank holiday and we are having a micro heat wave, lets make the most of it!!!!! Spent a fabulous family day with friends on the beach, and Simon and I decided that a spot of fishing on his kayak was the order of the day, we spent hours until dark fly fishing and plugging, …

River picnic

We have a river picnic on Friday the 13th at Bockhampton for anyone interested in chalk stream habitat improvement, lots of like minded people, just bring a picnic, 6.00pm start. Chalkstream Chit Chat….

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