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Blog updates

I feel slightly guilty of the lack of blog updates, this is only due to the fact that this is a particularly busy period for us all at “Riverworks”. The team are flat out with all the weed cutting, and fishery maintenance tasks that our clients are presenting us, we are also in the process …

DDAS Duck race

Hi all, the DDAS is organising a fund rasing event for the “Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance” looks like a lot of fun for a very good cause, especially for all of us who spend a lot of time chucking spinners from rocky out crops along the jurasic coast! Click here for more details


One of the most rewarding materials to work with is live willow……………. The willow revetment we did here is about 18 months old and has protected this garden from further erosion, we came back to weave in all the new growth, adding to the stability of the project. As nature intended…. You can naturally protect …

All about fish

Hi I am libertyand i am crazy about fish like my dad, i have caught Little fish and big fish. They have 1,000000000 scales all over their bodies and Little lines on there fins but they also have 1000 tiny dots in their eyes and a strange mouth .

Australian new year

A short e mail from my brother who lives in slightly warmer place, managed a fish or two with the family over the New Year….. John As requested pictures regarding Port Lincoln, South Australia and a caption to go with it for you to work on. Port Lincoln is a fishing paradise hidden away on …

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