Bank Holiday RAIN

I should have gone fishing Friday evening, the Mayfly were pouring off where we were working, but I had some paper work to finish.

Snoozing after supper, a knock at the door and there’s Ashley on his “fishing bike” and with him tales of a fantastic evening rise, one or two released fish, and the hard truth, that it is cheaper to cycle to the river than to take the school run 4 wheel drive!

Ashleys new “fishing bike”

Saturday was great, we managed a few miles mowing, but due to overnight rain running into Sunday we cancelled all further mowing! Then by after lunch it turned out nice, typical!

We had well over an inch or rain last night, and in torrential rain at 7.00am I set off for the River Nadder in Wiltshire to guide for “Fishing Breaks” only to arrive at a quickly rising River, good old UK weather, said my hello’s and goodbuy’s then headed south to find the Frome also colouring up, this could scupper our electro fishing plans for the morning…..

In between everything, I tried to resolve an on going duck weed problem!

I might struggle to sleep tonight….

19.49 update, Frome looks slightly coloured, good Mayfly hatch, lots of rising fish, could be OK tomorrow as long as the nights forcasted rain misses the Frome catchment….


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