Author: John

A hint of spring

It is amazing how two river catchments in the same area can be so different. Yesterday we spent the morning working on the Frome, a biting wind, high water, no fly life and no fish rising….(but it won’t be long) Then we spent the afternoon in the Piddle valley, a proper spring day, loads of Grannom …

Museum of life

Hi John I have just been informed that on Thursday 15th. April, on BBC 2, a programme called “Museum of life” contains a report from River fly partnership about the Anglers monitoring initiative. May be worth mentioning on our local web site, as there could be some of our members who would like to watch it. Regards Rod

Easter weekend

I was hoping to at least see a small flurry of early Grannom over this Easter weekend…….But No! Still a fairly brisk NW wind blowing and a large volume of rain leaving our lovely chalk rivers running high, coloured and a little cold. Chatting to a Bee keeper on the stream near Kingston Mauward earlier today, he …


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