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Nothing to do with fish..

Rather obviously we love living in the Frome Valley, but trying to keep everyone happy can be a little tricky at times, these two pictures were taken not that far apart 🙂

IMG_7332 IMG_7333

The Chalkstream Club

Mr John Grindle… You captured the evening, simply as it was… Fabulous…

We were pleased to welcome back Dr Tony Hayter to our first of the 2015/2016 winter season of meetings. He talked about the life & times of F.M. Halford and to give the talk extra gravitas Tony used an “old school” slide projector! (not the one you can see in this photo!)


It was interesting to hear that Halford wasn’t the ‘expert’ fly fisherman that we all thought, but was instead just good at collating information/data and writing! It was possibly George Selwyn Marryat that was the brains behind all of Halfords books!! (Well this is my conclusions after hearing Tony’s talk) George Selwyn Marryat was a Member of the Dorchester Fishing Club in 1879 and Halford was his guest that season, they fished on the 19th & 23rd July with a catch of three fish!


Huge thanks to Tony and this wife Philippa for making the journey from Salisbury on such wet & stormy night.

We then enjoyed a wonderful buffet supplied by ourselves! The second half never really happened because we were all chatting away about fishing and there just wasn’t time!

Also there was Brian Cleverton with his exquisite flies, which were in high demand!


Tony Hayter & John Aplin

Mayfly holiday on the Frome

Due to a cancellation, our Annexe and Home beat are again available for the 6th – 11th June 2016 Prime Mayfly

Sorry folks that week is now SOLD  if you are looking at other holiday / fishing dates click here

Casterbridge Fisheries - 2 of 8

Salmon Parr

Another good year for salmon parr at Dairy House

Dairy House has for many years been one of the regular sites that we at Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust visit during our annual salmon parr microchipping campaign in the Frome catchment. This section of the river usually hold good numbers of young of the year salmon and trout and the last two years has been no exception with catches of 600 and 775 salmon parr in 2014 and 2015, respectively. Dairy House has consistently had a good marcrophyte cover dominated by Ranunculus, which appears to be the preferred habitat by the young of the year salmonids and particularly salmon in chalk streams.

Thank you Game and Wildlife 🙂  Thrilled to be able to help out with your valuable work and obviously rather pleased that the habitat work we carry out on the Frome is working..




Wild Chalk Stream Fishing

This rather fabulous  “Chalk Stream” world that we all live in, is just full of the most amazing people… You all know who you are… 🙂

Here is a little clip that shows the some of the fun…