Month: October 2015

Chalk Stream Club

The Dorset Chalk Stream Club will have its first winter social gathering in West Stafford Village hall on Friday the 13th November starting at 7.30pm The evening will be the usual totally informal celebration of the Chalk Stream, with the usual breaks for food and drink, alongside several slide shows. **STOP PRESS** Dr Tony Hayter Author …

The Restoration of Johns Pond

‘Johns’ Pond’ – an old irrigation well on the edge of the Frome flood plain, a stone’s throw from Dorchester’s town centre. Where the only prisoner ever to escape from the town prison drowned on a dark night, his name was John and he is said to haunt these parts… I grew up around this area and …

I love Wild Brown Trout

A little portrait shot of a 50.5cm totally wild Brown Trout on the DFC water, during a fish population survey… Loving the Frome… 🙂

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