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Helping the River Frome

We all love this time of year, after many months of designing projects, sourcing funding and of course obtaining the necessary consents… This is delivery time..

All of us at Casterbridge Fisheries Ltd are rather proud to say that over the last thirty years, we have delivered ALL our projects “on time and within budget”.

We do carry out a fair amount of work alongside the Dorset Wildlife Trust and their  the work they do for our rivers and the catchments is amazing…

Below are a few pictures of work carried out this week on the Frome, both upstream and downstream of Dorchester, not forgetting DFC.

2015-09-21 14.50.37 2015-09-21 15.45.49 2015-09-23 10.15.07 2015-09-23 15.12.13 2015-09-24 12.39.59

A snapshot of this week

Another great week, out and about on a couple of very different Chalk Streams..

2015-09-15 09.12.20 2015-09-15 11.21.31 2015-09-15 13.40.06 2015-09-16 12.41.45 2015-09-17 09.47.03

Birds Eye View

A little taster of some of the shots we will be adding to our “Fly Fishing” website, this rather lovely photo is looking to the SW and the lower, downstream from the Hut Pool….  Great photography with

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HDRtist HDR -

HDRtist HDR –

Dry Fly Fishing

Brett had a lovely evening fishing the Sedge on our Home Beat…

Carved Wooden Grayling

Roger Brookes sent me this rather amazing picture of a carved wooden Grayling that one of our rods had commissioned him to produce, what a great piece of art work… Food for thought for all of you…

DSCF4034 (4)