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A massive smile

Wild fish in rather wild places will always make me smile, another one of those “once in 48 years fish” so snaggy I had to strip strike, a lovely take on a French Partridge, and thank you to Maxima for their 5lb fluorocarbon… Oh and my dear mate Mr G for being there… 🙂


May 2

A few more DFC pictures…

2015-05-20 16.11.30 2015-05-20 14.56.41 2015-05-15 16.40.16 2015-05-15 16.14.25


Another one of those stupidly fast years, nearly the end of May already, but we are in the full swing of Mayfly and the fish are having it big time… A handful or random pictures from the last week or so…

2015-05-22 13.43.49 2015-05-18 14.07.18 2015-05-17 18.21.05 2015-05-16 11.29.00 2015-05-24 16.59.16 2015-05-23 12.37.02 2015-05-23 09.57.48 2015-05-20 14.39.27


Meeting People

Over many years we have met some truly amazing people, yesterday I was walking some of the Frome with three rather fine wildlife photographers take a look at their work, it will give you a serious wow factor…Tom Mangelson, Kathy Moran and Charlie Hamilton James.

2015-05-02 16.17.26