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Dorset Chalkstream Club

The Dorset Chalkstream Club will have an outdoor spring gathering at the GWCT river lab at East Stoke.

Tuesday 5th May at 6.00pm onwards, I am sorry this is at such short notice but they are in the middle of the Smolt run and we will get to see the whole research centre in action…

Bill Beaumont has very kindly offered to show the Chalk Stream Club around this rather remarkable centre, so drop everything an meet us at 6pm, there is no charge for this visit..

Please ping me a quick e mail so we have an idea of numbers

Salmon & Trout Research Centre

East StokeWarehamDorsetBH20 6BB

T: 01929 401894E:

Office Hours: 9am – 5pm


Salmo salar

The Atlantic salmon is found in the northern Atlantic Ocean and in rivers flowing into it. It is an anadromous migratory fish species, which means the method of the fish’s breeding cycle is for the adult fish live in the sea but migrate to freshwater to spawn. Juvenile fish live in freshwater before undergoing dramatic changes to migrate to sea.

It is widely accepted that there has been a global decline in Atlantic salmon and our Salmon & Trout Research Centre at East Stoke in Dorset monitors this decline using a fish counter, which was first installed in 1973. It is one of the most comprehensive records of salmon movement in England and Wales.


The Upper Water

Had a great morning tidying up the DFC upper water this morning, one or two Grannom, masses of Hawthorne and a few rising fish..

Day tickets are available on this lovely fishing 🙂

2015-04-27 09.57.07 2015-04-27 09.57.13

What a weekend

I guess the weekend really began a few days ago when I was fishing a tiny stream, on the way back from working on another stream….

The rather stunning, totally wild Dorset Trout was 17″ and on my trusty 7′ 3wt was the boss until safely in the net 🙂

Friday was just the loveliest day, again working on the Dorchester Fishing Club water, catching up with members and watching a few rising fish, oh and lots of hatching Grannom…

Saturday, breakfast for our fishing guests, my good mate Lee Jasper and his party, seriously keen to catch a wild Brown Trout from the Frome… Great company and smiles all around! And a great dinner in the Wise Man, West Stafford….

Today was another very special day, for a year or two I have been honoured to help out with (massive thanks to my mate Clive Thorp for running this local branch)

A truly magical day here, great to host this day, here on our “Home Beat”…  A few pictures to tell the story…

2015-04-25 11.49.24 2015-04-25 11.56.05 2015-04-26 09.38.39 2015-04-26 10.21.20 2015-04-26 11.13.56 2015-04-26 14.11.37 IMG_6754 IMG_6770 P1010165 P1010168

Eel Pass

For a number of years we have been involved with habitat improvement work on a small east Dorset stream, firstly helping the Sea Trout population and now the Eels.

We have recently finished the restoration of an old weir and installed Eel pass brushes to the wall to aid the safe passage of both Elvers and adult Eels.

A huge thank you to Elliot, Kevin for their construction / restoration work and Arron for his rendering skills..

Another project delivered by

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Forth of the Forth

I absolutely love the start of the season, it should be happening, but its not… Cold NW and NE winds, very patchy sunshine, it will get better, the Trout, and the birds are desperate for that massive first Grannom hatch, hungry… I ventured out today in poor light to grab a few pictures, bumped into my Mate Ian fishing on the “Lower Water” (

A handful of Grannom, the odd little Olive, and in one sheltered spot masses of Hawthorne… And one rising fish 🙂

Flying Mallards, desperate to reproduce, sorry, that’s what Ducks do in the spring… The first House Martins, and a missed fish on the Dry Fly…  Happy Days….

IMG_6645 IMG_6650