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A Grayling Weekend

Just the most amazing weekend, Huge Grayling, great company, FOOD, and of course the Chalk Stream Club on Friday night…

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All pictures taken by Lewis Hendrie.

The Withy Bed..

Another great day on the Frome, today fencing and a spot of tree clearing on the DFC water, and of course massive thanks to Elliot and club member Ian for all their hard work…

2015-01-26 15.40.17

Elliot’s Grayling

Elliot had his best ever “Fly Caught” Grayling on our Home Beat last week, fishing for a couple of hours after work!

A stunning fish of 2lb 10oz on one of his home tied Shrimp patterns, great angling….

2015-01-23 14.53.32

Sheep Bridge

Grayling Utopia… Nothing more…. Nothing less….

2015-01-22 13.12.06

Fishing Hut Restoration

Due to the vast amount of rain over Tuesday night our Redd counting today¬†was scuppered due to a very high and coloured Frome…

We had a plan B, some overdue work on the fishing hut on our “Home Beat”… Getting ready for the spring… A huge thank you to Elliot and Kevin for working in the rain all day…