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Has Autumn arrived ?

We had a great pre fishing breakfast, followed by a days fishing with friends on little bits of the Dorchester Fishing Club water  (I still have a couple of day tickets left for the last week or so of the season), a short picnic lunch, more fishing and a rather fine BBQ to finish, lashings of ginger beer, fishing stories… A great way to prepare for the coming Autumn….

First of the Autumn

Our guests last week had fabulous weather, sampled a little of Dorset’s chalk streams and had a two day oil painting course with resulting in a truly stunning painting of a “Chalk Stream”…

River Enhancements

We are very proud to be the contractors for a number of river enhancement projects here in Dorset, on the river’s Piddle, Frome, Allen and other west Dorset rivers, some of which have been designed and planned for a few years before obtaining funding.

Our Casterbridge fisheries team are involved right from the start, in the initial pre works surveys and consultancy visits, project design, project delivery and importantly post works surveys and report writing!

If you have any sort of project in mind please take a look at our websites and contact one of our specialists.

Below is an example of some willow islands and subtle river bed re-profiling on a great project that we are working on with the Dorset Wildlife Trust and the Environment Agency.


Fish the Dream

My good friend Rodney Goodship of has a seriously good offer for a weeks fishing in the Florida Keys, take a look here and you could land yourself that fishing holiday of a life time, at a more than sensible price

Hard bloody work....

Britian’s Big Wildlife Revival

If you are out fishing, enjoy… If not you can watch at 5.30pm bbc1 this afternoon, a short clip filmed on the Frome here in Dorset…. Now on I player…


The media and a cattle drink

We are all very proud of the conservation work that we carry out on chalk streams, especially the river Frome…. Please take a look at the write up in our local paper of some work we carried out with the Dorset Wildlife Trust, they are very active with their wild rivers work…

Another project that we finished yesterday for the West Country Rivers Trust, one of our designs for a cattle drink that reduces the amount of sediment deposited into the river, my good friend Dr Allan Frake has to take credit for this design…