Month: February 2013

Scary Grayling..

Just came across this picture of a rather special Grayling caught on our “Home Beat” last year…. 58cm.. Need to say no more…

Massive Grayling

Just two of the rather special Grayling to come from our Home beat last weekend! This link can help you with advanced nymphing gear… We have some accommodation and Grayling fishing left for the rest of the season!

Almost two years ago…

Just going through some older photos…. Possibly one of my biggest angling boxes ticked…. India 2011… Lets hope and pray for the future of the Mahseer in southern India!!!! Chasing another fine fish tomorrow… The “Grayling”. on the Lower Frome.  

Another Reel

Modern fly fishing tackle becomes more of an obsession, along with all things connected with “Chalkstreams”. The guy fishing with us today had one of the finest nymphing rods and reels I have seen in a long while, he also knew how to use them… Latest facebook album.

Fly Reels

We actually finished our limited redd counting at lunch time today and the three of us spent the afternoon in the office sorting out the collected data and writing the report… Yesterday we did finish an hour early and Elliot and I went of to search for Grayling, at one stage we had two massive …

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