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Brown Trout

My first fish on a Daddy Longlegs this autumn.

The Chalkstream club meets this Friday, please bring any item of  fishing tackle you fancy selling on the “second hand tackle table”….

Willow work continues

We continued with our willow island and berm project on the frome today, clearing lots of willow that has been allowed to grow, providing  on site material…

 We will be working on this project for the rest of the week if any DFC members fancy coming out to help, also the GWCT will be out tagging Salmon parr on the same site, Gasgoyne Bridge from 8.30am please give me a ring on 07889680464. Check out the great DFC website

Willow Islands

At last the water levels here in the Frome valley are low enough to get in and crack on with all the enhancement projects that we have had on hold for the last few months.

The first project is with the Dorset Wildlife Trust building some willow islands and berms on a couple of beautiful sites upstream of Dorchester, lots of pictures on our Facebook pages.

River Fly Taster Day

Dear Potential Monitor,

Angus Menzies  and I are  the coordinators for the River Monitoring Scheme of the Dorset Wildlife Trust. We are closely associated with a similar scheme run by the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust. The scheme is of interest to keen anglers and wildlife enthusiasts alike, who both share a concern for the present and future health of our rivers.

The River Monitoring Scheme is based on the counting at regular intervals of key river insect species and other invertebrate groups as a method of assessing river quality. Many insect and invertebrate species are extremely sensitive to pollution levels and therefore their numbers act as an early warning system of any potential problems.

The methodology used is that of the Riverfly Partnership ( ). The numbers of 8 different groups of insects and other invertebrates are counted. Monitors are asked to carry out the surveys on a monthly basis between April and September, ideally at the same time each month, (weather and river conditions permitting). Many of our volunteers carry on outside these months, if it is safe to do, and also monitor redds (non-migratory Trout, and, migratory Salmon & Trout spawning sites). Generally speaking these surveys take a minimum time of one hour.

In June of this year we arranged  two free training days through the Riverfly Partnership, and 24 individuals attended . We were aware that a considerable number of other people were interested but unable to attend. Consequently we aim to run two ‘taster’ mornings for these people as a prelude to more formal Riverfly training in 2013:all training will be free. We envisage that it will last from 09.30 to 12.30, and it will be held at Langford Lakes (River Wylye )SU 039 368 near Salisbury  on Saturday 13th October and also at West Stafford(River Frome) SY 729897,near Dorchester on Saturday 20th October  : both morning sessions will be open to any interested individual from Dorset and Wiltshire Prior booking is essential.

If interested, please contact

For Langford Lakes    Ben Fitch or Angus Menzies  Wiltshire Wildlife Trust  01380 725670 or

For West Stafford     James Parkin or Angus Menzies Dorset Wildlife Trust  01305 261 687 or

With best wishes

James Parkin and Angus Menzies

James Parkin

Conservation Officer (2.5 days land use planning; 2.5 days rivers and wetlands)

Dorset Wildlife Trust

01305 217 976