Month: August 2012

Picture for today

I took this picture back in the July floods not far from our back door!

DWT Talk

September’s talk will be by Sarah Williams on the continuing DWT project to restore our rivers by eliminating aliens and promoting native species.  Tuesday 18 September at 7:30 : “Fighting back the aliens: return of the natives”. We’ve been bounced from the larger room at Herrison Hall, so will be using Toad Hall again. Suggested …

Electric Fishing

At last the water levels on the Frome were ok for us to get out and complete some pre-enhancement fish population surveys on the DFC water  Lots more pictures on our Facebook page….

Help needed

VOLUNTEER HELP WANTED FOR SEPT Help with large salmon parr tagging program on the River Frome. Every year the fishery biologists at The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust tag 10,000+ salmon parr throughout the River Frome. It’s a massive exercise involving lots of people, but provides an excellent opportunity for interested fishermen or members to …

The Dorset Chalk Stream Club

The first meeting is on Friday 21st September 6.30pm at West Stafford village hall. A very informal gathering of like minded people, an evening of fishing, fly tying, second hand tackle and chalk stream chat….. Our first guest speaker to very kindly come forward for our launch of the “Chalk Stream Club” is Charles Jardine …

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