Month: July 2012

Learn to Fish

Four pound Frome Grayling

Great excitement here on our “Home Beat” today. One of our regular anglers caught a four pound half ounce Grayling today (his second of over four pounds from here) a stunning fish caught sight fishing in seriously clear water…..

Summer at last…

At last it seems that summer has arrived, the Frome is looking good for this week, bookings for fishing and the annexe are coming in… I managed to catch a few hours tonight in search of Bass with two great friends at one of Dorsets most stunning beaches, lets all get out fishing over the …

“Fishing with Charles Jardine”

We have had great fun working with Charles Jardine over the last few years, and he will continue to put a huge smile on the faces of our visitors to the Frome Valley during 2014… Charles and his son Alex are seriously passionate about the Frome, the people who fish here and have been great …

Ground water

The ground water is now running at it’s highest levels for a few years, I cannot ever remember the Frome running full to the brim and crystal clear in July! The fishing should be of a very high standard for the rest of the season, that is when the banks dry out….  

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