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Winterbourne 3

We have learnt a fair amount about restoration and enhancement work on Winterbournes this week, yesterday was spent installing large amounts of LWD and various flow deflectors, while Allan and Arron re profiled more of the channel, a fantastic project and a credit to Sarah and Allan for putting it all together.

Early next week we will be back to put up the stock fencing and hang the gates…….


Winterbourne 2

Another beautiful morning, the dawn chorus a while ago was amazing and as the light came over the water meadows there were three stags grazing and the fastest Fox I have ever seen heading down stream…..

We are making great progress on the Winterbourne project and will shortly be heading off to that rather fine estate to finish off today we have been re profiling the river bed, adding large amounts of “Large Woody Debris” building flow deflectors and learning a huge amount about Winterbournes!

 Looking forward to the weekend, guests in our Annexe, new members day on the fishing, and we are fully booked for the first day of the season on all our beats, looks like a very busy weekend!

Winterbourne Enhancement

Dare I say it is nice to be working in glorious sunshine on our first enhancement project of the year.

We are seriously excited to be working on a project designed by the Dorset Wildlife Trust  here in Dorset on a winterbourne that is still actually dry, but it gives us a valuable oppertunity to learn about a very different and equally important habitat…..

Great to be out with the team, working on Dorsets fine rivers, and looking forward to a busy summer, more on this project later….

The Gardeners Beat

The Gardeners Beat…. Stunning Chalk Stream fishing… Nothing more to add…


Not long to go…

Not long to go to opening day for the Frome…. I remember the lull, frustration and hours spent  “Fish spotting” on the Frome as a child… Happy day’s…. fish rising to Olive’s today, only a few day tickets left…