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Monster Cuda

The last couple of days has been great fun with a party of four anglers from Rodney’s home town, as you saw a huge Grouper and then we went on to catch several Sharks including a 180lb Lemon Shark from in the bay.

Today we sped off down to Bahia Honda bridges in search of a day time Tarpon but despite seeing loads of rolling fish and there being a huge amount of weed going through the bridges we failed to hook up (as did all the boats there) and with an increasing easterly wind we headed back to the shelter of some banks, after some fairly tough fishing Ian landed a stunning Cuda of 23 pounds and boy did that fish fight.

From one extreme to the other

Earlier this week I was on the banks of the river Frome, the Mayfly hatches were stunning including the great falls of spinner in the evenings, stunning fishing despite the desperately low water levels!

But I have to say the icing on the cake has to be our new Dairy House Fishery, totally 100% wild fishing and already we have had wild Brown Trout to nearly three pounds and a handful of slightly early Grayling the largest was weighed at a staggering 4lb 2oz (all catch and release) check out are Chalkstream page and get booked in for a day…..

The other extreme is that I arrived in the Florida Keys yesterday for a few weeks Guiding for My friend Rodney who owns

The weather is stunning, and we started off today fishing in the Gulf after large Grouper….The largest was around the 250 pound mark, again all these fish are released, and tomorrow is another day…….

Riverworks HQ

According to lots of experts, moving house is one of the most stressful experiences of all….

So we decided to move house, riverworks HQ, workshops, take on a mile and a half of chalkstream fishing and carry on working all during Mayfly time, oh and not forgetting some Tarpon guiding in the Keys for Fish the Dream later this month.

Our new base “The Dairy House” is our dream come true, the icing on the best part of thirty years work, (most of it hard, all of it enjoyable), it forms the back bone for all that we do as a company, the fishery management, and of course the fishing that we offer, it will be a few months before we catch up with ourselves, we will loose the Internet for a short while as we move office, but by the middle of the summer we on top of it all.

The “Classic Dry Fly Fishing”  is all up and running and the fishing hut is ready for use, we are taking bookings now and still have dates for Mayfly.

Despite low flows and water levels the Frome is fishing very well, the Grannom and Hawthorne was staggering,  great hatches of Medium Olives and now the Mayfly is just starting….Enjoy….

Fish Rescues

Fish rescues fall into two main categories, firstly planned rescues as part of in-stream construction works and dewatering operations and unplanned fish rescues where fish are rescued as a result of natural events such as drought conditions or the impacts of abstraction or flow augmentation failures.

Casterbridge Fisheries are set up to deal with all aspects of both planned and unplanned fish rescues, including removal , transportation and all relevant Environment Agency consents.

We are on call and can attend at short notice! or

Stillwater Weed Cutting

Its that time of year again, excessive weed growth on stillwaters due to all the fine weather we are having.

We are getting calls, particulary from angling clubs, because of the boom in invasives such as Fringe Lilly, canadian pond weed, Azolla…and the dreaded blanket weed.

We are able come in with our team, even at fairly short notice to deal with this early in the season problem and make your fishery fishable again.


We have to welcome our new “Riverworks” team member Eddie, Ed I have known since those Sparsholt days many years ago, he has joined us at a very busy time of year, please read his profile which you will find as you browse our site, and I am sure you will agree he will be a very valuable addition to the team….