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River Frome and River Piddle Redd Count 2010/11

Frome and Piddle redd count report, avaliable as a PDF download on the left side of this home page and here.

January 2011

Well the first month of 2011 is drawing rapidly to an end, and the evenings are starting to draw out slowly, very slowly…..

I always like to mention something about food, all our team talk about food, particulary good food and I have to say that between Andrea and myself we managed to cook the most stunning piece of Venison tonight. It was roast, I made a glaze of garlic, thyme, sea salt and honey, a slow roast and of course washed down with a good wine, after all we have reason to celebrate…….

The 2011 Redd count report has gone out for proof reading, and I have to say it is a great report, a huge amount of time, thought and passion has gone into it, and I hope it will give all involved a gentle push into doing even more to protect our RIVERS…….Thanks to all our “Riverworks” team, the EA, FP&WDFA, Lulworth estate and a big thank you to all the river and landowners because without all your support the rivers would be in serious trouble!

The 2011 Frome and Piddle Redd count report will be delivered to the EA and the FP&WDFA early next week, it will also be avaliable as a download on our website and the River Frome website, further to this work we are in the early stages of our “Feasibility Study” on the River Piddle and none SSSI River Frome, watch this space as they say!

On the Piddle

Due to a rather large amount of rain, the rivers coloured up and in places spilled over the banks into the fields, these conditions make redd counting impossible!

We also have three large feasibility studies on the go and these were also hampered by our damp conditions, but today the river Piddle was clear enough for us to continue our survey work, some great Salmon and Sea Trout redds were recorded, and other data collected, all in the name of chalk stream conservation.

Elliot and I surveyed some seriously beautiful stretches of chalk stream today, there are rods avaliable on some of these beats, you only have to ask…..

During the wet spell we caught up on a little work on the rather fine DFC fishing and added a few new items to the website, added a few items to our trusty little Bass skiff, on top of this 2011 seems to have taken off  as we all hoped, we have been out all over Dorset quoting for water related projects, really exciting times ahead….all the guys are buzzing, great to get our teeth into some seriously good fishery work. 

Oh before I forget, through a fair bit of hard work a hand full of us managed to start and get a number of people trained up under the Riverfly Partnership to sample and help our rivers fly life, with so much going on I am looking for two people to take over the running of this area, I have two people in mind, but if any of you are keen to help, please let me know asap….


Trying to get the balance right is always a little tricky, juggling work, family, fishing, work, and life.

The only way is to put 100% into all of it, and eliminate any trace of guilt when your not perhaps doing the one you should be, after all we must be old enough now to know best….

Winter should be a little quieter for us, I think those days are gone, for now at least, a monster amount of office time, fishery meetings all over, Cornwall this week, the Midlands next week, and dear old Dorset for the rest of the time, rivers, lakes, water, water everywhere!

Great to take a little time out to visit one of the best places in the world, on our doorstep, balance a few stones, and check out some cracking Bass marks at the same time, my wife has just bought me a large “Gin, Sloe Gin and Tonic” into the office….Nice.

Lets throw all the DEAD fish back into the sea…..

We have all heard of fish quotas, and in the back of our minds try to imagine the out of quota fish that are caught as a bi catch being dumped back into the sea DEAD, what a clever idea who ever thought that one up?????????

I as many of you did last night watch and watched in complete disbelief as all that food was dumped back into the sea.

Take a quick look here at Henry Gilbeys words on the subject and please get yourselves signed up to change this madness………