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All Access Platform opening a great event…..

Disabled and Infirm anglers as well as able bodied anglers will now be able to fish and enjoy the dorset countryside in comfort and safety from a new purpose built fishing platform, constructed using re-cycled plastic at the Dorchester & District Angling Society’s Lake at Higher Kingcombe Farm, Nr Toller Porcorum.

The £6,300 facility which includes a disabled parking bay, a 2 way opening wheelchair friendly gate and easy access pathway with handrails to the dedicated platform was officially opened by Mr Jim Allan of the Environment Agency, Fisheries Dept, Blandford on 26th May.

In declaring the facility open, Jim said that he was delighted with the quality of the scheme and congratulated the Society on, following to the letter the requirements and platform specifications of the British Disabled Angling Society who had conducted an audit of the site in 2009 to guide the Society on location, design and specifications.

Following the official opening, Level 1 entry students from Weymouth with either learning or physical disabilities were invited to test the facility. They were soon catching plenty fish and 17yr old Student Michael Turner landed a few nice roach & a hard fighting 5lb common carp.

Society Secretary, Steve Sudworth said ‘We’ve been working hard over the past few months with Mr Paul Crocker who we lease the lake from. Terry Moseley president of the BDAA and local contractors Gladwish Groundworks Ltd, Travis Perkins Weymouth and John Aplin Riverworks Ltd, Dorchester.
We all pulled together to get the work done to everyone’s satisfaction but the great thing is, we can at last provide some decent fishing for Disabled and Infirm anglers who would like to join the Society.

Steve paid special tribute to the Fisheries team of the Environment Agency in Blandford, led by Mr Jim Allan for his professional advice, enthusiastic support and for the grant of £5,000 towards the cost of labour, materials, plant hire, the special access gate and the re-cycled plastic BDAA approved platform provided by Fletcher Contracting Ltd in Halifax.

Report for the FP&WDFA website

Frome report May 2010

We are now approaching the end of May and at last things are warming up, and the fishing is on the up every day.

April and early May were terribly slow, cold, and not hugely rewarding for those who braved fishing in gusty, quiet often biting northerly winds.

We are suffering from a lack of in channel weed both on the Frome and the Piddle, I feel as a result of those July spates we encountered last year just as all our Ranunculus Aquatilis finished flowering!

Regarding our Frome Swan population, I have had a long chat with an aquatic biologist from the CEH (, a large percentage are Frome Swans, i.e. ringed on the river, a very small number from Christchurch but no swans with swannery leg rings, more info on my next report.

The early season Grannom hatches were sparse but the medium and large Olive’s have been rather good and I am very confident that the Mayfly this year will be every bit as good as last year.

I have heard of a number of wild three pound fish already this season, and the largest wild Brown Trout reported to me last season was a few ounces the right side of seven pounds, and I saw the photographs!

Your committee have been attending endless meetings regarding the welfare of our Dorset Rivers and working hard to safeguard their futures, there is a huge amount of work that goes on behind the scenes so that we can all cast a line into clean water when we get the time.

Regarding on the ground work or rather in the water work, all the in stream restoration work that has happened over the last few years, particularly on the Frome has been seen as a great success, we recently carried out a detailed electric fishing survey for clients on the Frome, one beat having had works done, the other had not, and as we hoped the fish population on the improved stretch was impressive not only for Salmonids but also for the important coarse fish population on the Frome.

A stunning salmon was reported on Dr Mike Ladles website (see last post) earlier this month, another species of fish on the Frome that deserves recognition (other than our British record Grayling) is the Roach, their numbers down slightly over the years but this strain of Frome Roach I am sure is again something special and needs looking after, huge fish to well over that magical three pound mark were caught on the lower Frome this winter.

Our rivers are very special to us all; if you would like to add a little to my next report please drop me an e mail

Carp for sale

Clive Greening of Mangerton Lake has just informed me that he has some rather fine Common and Mirror Carp for sale.
Fish up to about 12 inches in size and a total of about 400 pounds in weight.

Please contact Clive on 01308 422884 or you can send him an e mail at

Weed cutting

Despite weed growth being quiet limited on some of our chalk rivers, there are several beats where we have been busy cutting to make it fishable during the Mayfly madness.

Helping our local hospice

Quackers day out!

24th May 2010

Sunday 23rd May 2010 saw the inaugral ‘Weldmar Duck Race’ on the River Frome in Dorchester – and what a glorious day it was!

Sunday’s weather couldn’t have been better and the River Frome allowed just enough speed to make the winning post the place to be to view the winners.

There was just enough time to hold two races and there was great excitement at the finish line as ducks drifted into all areas of the river.

Good fun was had by all who supported the race and we plan to make it an annual event.

£250.50 was raised and all the winners have been informed.

We would like to say a special thank you to the volunteers who helped on the day, especially John Aplin who waded into the river to retrieve the ducks, and everyone who sponsored a duck for the race.