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A new out look on food

As a family we are trying a few different dishes, gathered from the sea shore, great fun for those of you who have children, what a fantastic way to spend a few hours in the evening, (sea weed is a lot easier to catch than fish) and in great locations, please check out this “River Cottage” food gathering guide…..

Enjoy…. Cheers to John Wright…….

Time flies

Time flies, its that time of year again, everything is happening at once, not much time for sleep, I need another secretary!!!!! (any offers?)

I have to admit that “Casterbridge Fisheries” started out fairly quiet earlier this year, but now we are flying, all our river work, we have done a huge amount of maintenance work on both the Frome and the Piddle, particulary for the DFC fishing.

 “Awesome fishing”…..

A huge amount of work for the “Frome Piddle and West Dorset Fisheries Association” trust me you need to get involved with this organisation, after all they are the behind the scenes body that safeguard your fishing in Dorset…….

I have to say a big thank you to Elliot for all his hard work regarding “Casterbridge Ponds and Water features” between us we have entered a new and exciting branch of the company…. Also Terry, Rob and Tim of “Linee Builders LTD” our CO partners in this huge step forward….

Team work, and what a team, our order books are filling up, if you have a problem with a pond or a water feature, please get in touch….

All of a sudden the phone has started ringing regarding our trips with “Fish the Dream” in the Florida Keys, and our Kayak trips along the Jurasic Coast….We have had some cracking Pollack fishing on soft plastics this week…..

Exciting, we purchased a “Feature Finder” for our two manner kayak last week, awesome….pollack in 34ft drifting SE into 25ft……..

Bahia Honda

Check this webcam out……This is one of the many places we fish in the Florida Keys, its better than any TV, Tarpon, Permit……….

It is very addictive viewing!


In between working on the river, lakes and building water features, we try to get in as much fishing as possible, I am a great believer in eating fresh fish, game and home grown veg……

Our weekend was a gather fish weekend, after all its been sunny for a while, we fished from the beach on Saturday and caught ONE Mackerel, (I know its still early).

Kayaking, no bites at all but we did collect lots of nice sea lettuce at low tide, and Lib’s caught one micro shrimp!

And to make us all really hungry, we fished the Race, and the Shambles, (flat calm and sunny) and again drew a blank, so as a treat we could well have limpets and sea lettuce for supper tonight.

Inland things are beginning to move, great hatches of Grannom and rising fish, one early Mayfly spotted, and the instream enhancement works that we completed last year have all worked, lots of stream narrowing, and the willow islands we built now full of silt and growing!

We have been busy on both the Frome and the Piddle, mowing, fencing, guiding, and on the domestic front our pond and water feature dept is gathering speed…….Spring is upon us!

Florida Fishing Holidays

Working with in the awesome Florida Keys, we have some incredible deals for the early summer……

So just as the Mayfly finish treat yourselves to some scary fishing, but only if you are up to it!!!!!!!


Please have a look in our fishing pages