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Riverfly gets going…..

Hi All

Firstly a big thank you for turning out on Sunday morning for our first Riverfly get together.

I am pleased to say that we have our first meeting booked for Sunday 18th April 10am at the Dorset Wildlife HQ just outside of Dorchester.

We hope to put various sampling sites on the map for the Frome and the Piddle and hopefully come up with a rota, if you have any areas that you are concerned about please let us know.

If you know of any more helping hands please bring them along.

Dorset Wildlife Trust HQ

Dorset Wildlife TrustBrooklands FarmForstonDorchesterDT2 7AA> Location map

Look forward to seeing you all.

John Aplin

Riverfly Group

Its been in the pipeline for far to long, but yesterday on the warmest day of the spring so far, we had our first Riverfly get together.

A great turn out of caring fisher persons prepared to give up their own valuable time to learn how to monitor water quality by looking at the invertebrate population.

We held this workshop on a small part of the river Piddle, and demonstrated a timed three minuite kick sample to collect your invertebrates, then how to wash, identify and record the various species that we found.

It was great to have a committed group form, and we will be sampling sites both on the Frome and Piddle on a regular basis, sites such as up stream and down stream of sewage works, cress beds, farms, and quarries and all results will be shared with the Environment Agency.

I know a lot of people expressed an interest but for one reason or another could not make this first get together, please get in touch and join in……

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Spring clean

That really cold NE wind crept around and came from the south, bringing some warmer air for a couple of days and now as always when this happens, here comes the rain….

We actually need it, the Frome has dropped at least six inches this week, so needs a top up before the season starts.
We are out in force now, its fishery spring clean time, there is weed to be cut (on the still waters) snags to be removed, fallen trees to deal with, meetings to attend, tackle to sort out, and don’t forget your new rod licence…….This EA income gets ploughed strait back into fisheries!!!!!!!!

Gentle snag removal, leave the woody debris but remove the flood risk.

There has been a vast improvement to our Frome hatches thanks to the EA WLMP project, but some bright spark has decided it is fun to try to vandalize some of these structures, when your out fishing or walking if you see anything out of the ordinary please ring the EA number on your rod licence or give me a ring and I will pass on your details, oh and please remember any poaching that is taking place please ring the EA hot line on your licence immediately, when you get home or the following day is toooooooo late!

The DDAS have some cracking Coarse Fishing in Dorset and look after some lovely fishing, here we are helping them with a weed cut prior to the installation of some new disabled angler platforms, kindly funded by the EA.

There is a lot happening in Dorset on the fishing front, get out there and get involved!

Check out all the links from this blog………

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Check this little clip out, you could be wading, with a fly rod….dream…..

River Fly Morning

River Fly monitoring, a reminder!

Lots of you have expressed an interest in being involved in our local river fly monitoring group, covering both the Frome and the Piddle.

We are moving forward with our first get together which is going to take place at-Richard Slococks “Wessex Fly Fishing” at Southover, Tolpuddle.

Sunday 21st March at 10.00am

Please bring a pair of boots or waders, and a notebook, why not bring the family it will be a fun couple of hours.

John Aplin 01305 257490 Richard Slocock 01305 848460

A great night

Last night saw the Association of Ponds Lakes and Fisheries host an evening in Dorchester with the Wild Trout Trust and I have to say what a fabulous evening.

We had over eighty people attend, all with a serious passion for water and all that goes with it, folks from the Wild Trout Trust, Environment Agency, Dorset Wildlife Trust, Institute of Fishery Management, Association of Ponds, Lakes and Fisheries, Frome Piddle and West Dorset Fisheries Association, Wessex Water, Dorchester Fishing Club, and lots of Anglers.

I know of a few people who missed out because of other arrangements, but there is the FP&WDFA agm coming up in April and we need new members so please come along and support our worthy cause, please e mail me for details