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Water Level Management Plan

We all heard about the Water Level Management Plan a year or so ago, sat in several meetings and to a degree there was a certain amount of head shaking and a lot question asking, one of the main questions being “will any of these plans actually reach the river”?

Well I can tell you that the Environment Agency have excelled themselves, and delivered some of the finest habitat improvement projects both on the river Avon and closer to home on the river Frome.
Yesterday we were kindly invited to view a WLMP engineering project just finished on the river Frome below Dorchester, and I have to say we were all blown away by the scale of this project and the results that we confidently feel it will achieve.
Some serious thought has gone into this project, using some new restoration practices, for example the use of whole very large trees as flow deflectors, a twenty tonne slew to, shall we say adjust the bed of the river, and a monster gravel washing machine to clean hundreds and hundreds of tonnes of previously dredged gravel, returning it to the bed of the river to restore much needed Salmonid spawning habitat.

A new method of “sliding” a grand term for narrowing the river by “sliding” the bankside into the river, causing it to narrow and at the same time extending the wet marginal habitat.

I think a huge thank you from us all is the order of the day, all this was completed by Environment Agency staff, the WLMP team, in particular Alasdair Maxwell and Allan Frake, slew driver Tony Frampton, and a profesional team of very competent machine drivers and ground staff, a credit to you all.

We have done the Redd counting on the Frome now for many years, And I can tell you, after all the work that has taken place over the last few months we are seriously looking forward to carefully monitoring all these new sites this coming winter, as the amount of Redd cutting in these now restored areas was practically nil.Posted by Picasa

Boat Fishing Monthly

Here is the write up that Jim Whippy did in this months Boat Fishing Monthly.
If you double click on it, it could be big enough to read?

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I have just remembered the article “fixing the Frome” that Nick Fisher wrote for the Get Hooked Guide.

Click on HERE to have a quick read.

River Nadder

We have had a cracking few days doing some in stream work for the Environment Agency on the river Nadder, with some great results, one of the reasons we all love the game we are all in is the pure and simple fact that you are always learning something NEW………

I cannot wait to build some of these on the DFC water!

Simple tree trunk deflectors, with instant effect.

Add in an island or two and all of a sudden you have re- created a fishery!

We have had another cracking year, what a team, a monster thank you to Mum, Dad, Captain Elliot, Tim, Rob and Terry, onwards and upwards…………………………….

Yep it is all good fun!
You can take a glance at further works for the DFC here
And at last after a cracking trip with Jim Whippy to the Keys with Fish the Dream back in May, we have a stunning two pages in this issue of Boat Fishing Monthly, so if you need something to read by the fire on a wet evening, you could be tempted to a fishing trip to the tropic’s this winter give me a ring and we can chat about monster fish………
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The Red Rod

Oh I can promise that I did not buy one of these TENRYU Red Rods or Stradic reels, but Matt and Scott did and they have been slamming a fish or two on their new toys already, they called in after christening them last weekend, to make me green with envy, and that I am.

These rods have some serious reviews, just take a look at Henry Gilbeys blog!

Matt, with his early Xmas present…..

Scott’s was for Xmas, two birthdays and another two Christmas’s oh and better make that another birthday……

Well done folks keep up the good work, I am just getting myself excited about some serious nymph fishing for Grayling…..

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