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Indian summer

What a cracking Indian summer we are having here in Dorset, truly spectacular weather, and even managing a fish or two from our Kayak.
The weekend began with Elliot and I repairing a leak in a dam on a local coarse fishery, and Terry, Tim and Rob out jet washing Salmon spawning areas on the Frome.
Bass Ben was some where on the Chesil bank claiming a flat fish grand slam!
We were today about half a mile away from mark x catching lots of Mackerel and Garfish on float fished sandeel, and one hooked up Garfish lept over the bow of the Kayak, great fun.
Scott on the other hand was fishing a little further in land, resulting in a rather fine Ghost Carp and another double figure Barbel, nice!
Long may this weather continue, we are all out fishing on Top Cat next Saturday, so the wind is bound to increase.
A seriously early start again tommorrow, and starting an exciting new habitat project on the Frome towards the end of the week…..

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Electric fishing

Last Friday we had a cracking days electric fishing with Kingcombe Aquacare on the Dorchester Fishing Club water, bottom line is the fish population is more than healthy, a great population of both juveniles and adult specimen fish, surely a result of lots of habitat improvement projects over the years, and we have a few more to complete before the end of October!!!!!

Did you see the size of that one…..
A fantastic day, a rather splendid curry and lots of fish, a huge thank you to all involved.
Saturday, just after first light, and with a flooding monster spring tide Matt and I found ourselves at Durdle door lure fishing for Bass, we had great fun with Pollack, Mackerel, and Garfish but the Bass stayed away!
A great sunrise…..
The rest of the weekend was juggled between the coast, river and family, this rather fine spell of warm weather has to be exploited to the full.
I took a budding Sea Trout angler out to fish one of the largest spring tides of the year, out we went on the Kayak in search of Bass, the weather was perfect, but all we managed was one Mackerel.
We tried later in the day and lost a big fish, well it is only the big ones that get away!
With all our work comitments, the whole of the “Riverworks” gang are now fully comitted to seven days a week until November, what a team we have, (as Elliot keeps reminding me)!
There are a few Cod being caught, my friend Bass Ben rang to see how work was going? “stuck in traffic in Hampshire mate” oh just had a Cod and a few Black Bream, can you fish tomorrow? “NO we have 100 tonnes of concrete coming!
We do have something to look forward to, as I mentioned we are going to be doing a little with “Fish the Dream”
Flights to Miami are booked for November to go out to see Rodney down in the Keys (hot tropical weather) who will be putting me through some pretty full on boat handling and navigation, in preperation for running one or two trips, watch this space, or better so get on to Rodney for some outstanding fishing this autumn, thats if your up to the extreme fishing!


We have quiet a lot of exciting new projects planned for 2010.

One of these will be the introduction of Kayak fishing tours, extensively researched over the last year or so, by myself and others, we already have more than one or two good marks up our sleeves, today Adam and I tried a new method on one of the marks, with outstanding results!

Great on extra light gear!

Fishing with really light spinning gear made the whole experience seriously good fun, in fact we aim to go even lighter, the takes were pretty savage, and the fight these fish put up on such light gear leaves even hardened anglers slightly shaky…….we were like kids on Christmas eve!

Awesome fun…….watch this space.

Kayak fishing is something completly different, another angle of the sport I have been wanting to get involved with for a while, well the wait was worth it.

Fresh Bass with a drizzel of lemon…………..

I know that yesterday was the best summers day of the summer, and today is looking good so far, I have to say I felt slightly guilty, Tim rang at 5 ish to say they were just finishing working on the river (cheers folks another cracking job), and asked if I was in the office, sorry Tim we are on the beach eating freshly cooked Bass and Mackerel!

So far this week

We had a fairly busy weekend weed cutting on a local coarse fishery, cutting and removing well over ten tonnes of Elodea, (Canadian Pond Weed) hand cutting is really the only option as the use of any aquatic herbicides are severely restricted, and weed cutting boat access to this particular venue could cause a few problems.

Clearing out a few new swims.

As always huge thanks to Elliot and Tim for their hard work and sense of humour over the weekend, and another early start on Monday.

Oops no fishing and to help matters slightly worse a friend of ours rang to say he had caught and returned 14 Bass, from the shore……..

After a fairly long day on the river, yesterday evening I took a new day ticket angler down to the lower beat on the rather fine DFC water, to show off some of the fishing, we saw one or two good fish and plenty of fly, a rather pleasant evening, warm with a few fish moving, 8.42 pm now and its dark, very dark! (Another season well on its way)

After exploring the river I dropped our fishing guest at the Keepers Cottage guest House that we highly recommend, and its only a few yards from the river.
A great B&B

An hour or two in the office, a great feed of Pike fish pie and were off to the Avon before it gets light !

I received a nice e mail from a gentleman who fished the DFC water on Tuesday telling me the tale of catching a three pounder on a small CDC, and another visiting angler who in one day caught Trout and Grayling but also saw a huge pike, and the icing on cake a monster Salmon this a little further down stream.

We are blessed with some fine angling weather at the moment, and the weather is looking good for the weekend, the Frome looks absolutely awesome at this moment and with only a month left of the Trout season, might I suggest we all get out and make the most of it…….

Varied work

One of the greatest things about our work is the huge amount of variation that it offers, a short entry it might be, today we rescued some nice fish with Kingcombe Aquacare prior to some hatch restoration works.