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A waiting game

The weather was fairly kind to us over the last 24 hours, and we managed a few high doubles between us on a variety of methods, we fished hard but still made the time to consume some fine food washed down with a glass or two of wine.

Tasty Carp treats

The fishing was fairly slow during the day, typically picking up about three in the morning, great ten years ago!

Elliot “margin fishing”

As today unfolded the cloud built, it started raining and got cold, that put pay to spending a sunny day Bass fishing! I am off down the river to do my rounds………

where is the wind

To say it has been windy is an understatement, in fact it blew all of last August and our local Weymouth charter fleet struggled to get out.

More dates to come….

Yesterday was gusting force EIGHT, we were due out on Top Cat but between us decided to arrange it for another day, typically this morning the wind has dropped and the sky is blue…….

Luckily we have a plan B………

We are due a fish or two between us, watch this space…

My wife payed me a slight complement earlier, when asking me to fetch the wetsuits off the washing line, told me that all I had done so far was eat and talk about fishing!


May and June were fantastic text book months, great weather, great fly hatches and great fishing, so what went wrong, not so long ago with the so called onset of global warming we should have been setting up the first Tarpon camp in Poole harbour within a few years, looks like we will have to put those plans on hold for a while…….

We did have a cracking evening last week when John G and I put on a river picnic with the Association of Ponds Lakes and Fisheries, a great turn out as we did a grand tour of some of the work that we have completed on our beloved river Frome.

New riffles and more……

While on the subject of “looking forward to things” we had a trip up to the Test Valley Angling Fair, I have to say we were a little disappointed, there was nothing to buy……or look at!

On our return journey we swung into Stockbridge to feed the fish in the high street…..

Quick get a rod……….

The Sunday turned out nice and warm, partly to make up for the show, and something I have given a little thought to over the years, we ended up on the beach and I went to look at angling kayaks and as a result of finding another angle of the sport to play about with the weather has again turned against us………

Look out Bass……

A bank holiday and a chance for a little fishing before we start seven days a week to fit in all our in river works by the end of October dead line, a long day in the office tying up all the paperwork for various consents and plans…..

To finish off with, I have had a few e mails from a guy who used to come into my tackle shop many years ago, who now runs Large mouth Bass tournaments in South Africa, check out his websites….. kickboatclassic and a lure site lunkerbay


A week or so ago the Frome burst its banks, a huge amount of rain fell in a very short amount of time, this gave the whole river a grand clean up, and flushed out all the dead weed.

Three of the team were out working in very damp conditions, the first time ever having to ware life jackets for bank work!

The river is now fishing really well and looks in its prime, there has been some huge fish caught, and with the evenings drawing in the day time fishing is getting a bit more exciting.

An early start for those of us working on the Avon, and a good day for the rest of the gang pressing on in Dorset, and with that good old November 1st working in the river dead line, not that far away, we have a hell of a lot to do…………..

Notable captures

The week before last we headed south across the channel for a family break, we loaded the camping gear into the back of the truck in the heaviest rain of the year and not long after we arrived in France the Frome burst its banks, possibly a good time to get away for a few days.

I spent a little time baiting a couple of spots on a river which held some good Carp and Bream, fished for only a few hours before the urge to cook some more Mussles and open a bottle of wine overtook the need to catch a fish!

A mixed bag of Carp food

A cracking little swim, if only I gave it a little longer….

We arrived back in the UK late on the Sunday then surfaced at 5am ready for work on the Monday, fortunately we are very very busy at the moment, in fact were having to work a few weekends.

Next weekend is the Test Valley Angling Show, we hope to be there on the Saturday for a spot of shopping.

Scott with a cracking Barbel…..

On a serious note some friends have been out catching a few fish, some huge Barbel, Duncan caught and returned a rather fine 37lb Salmon in Russia, and a particularly fine angler caught himself a 4lb 40z 4dr Grayling on the fly!

With a little more work these huge multi sea winter fish could return to the Frome……..

We had better crack on with all this work and make some time for some serious fishing this coming autumn.

We have a river picnic at Bockhampton on Thursday the 20th of August looking at habitat improvement work on the river Frome, please give me a ring if you would like to come along, we are meeting at 6.30pm.

I was just taking a peak at Henry Gilbeys blog and for any of you that are remotely concerned about our fish stocks, please check out this link to “The End of the Line”