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We need it

I had the feeling as I wrote my blog about the sunny weather, that it could induce a drop of rain, and rain it did, all night and its still raining now, perfect, our river’s were in almost desperate need for a post Mayfly freshen up!

If you double left click on the slideshow you can view all the pictures almost full screen, how exciting is that……….


Who do I need to thank for this fabulous spell of fine weather, or may be its just what we deserve after a few duff summers.

We did have a hint of rain today, and I hate to say it but our rivers could do with a drop, just to freshen things up before the BWO come into their own, on those balmy evenings to come…..

I was chatting to a friend about fishing, and the luck involved, simply being in the right place etc, or even using the right size lures!………I think the poppers I have been using could be a little on the LARGE side, and Elliot tells me I wind them in to fast, well that works for Cuda s ….

I forgot but I did catch a 15lb Mirror at the weekend, on a piece of freelined paste intended for a big Rudd, on an avon rod, a Cardinal 54 and 6lb line.

Busy as always, we work stupidly hard, but along the way we have a good time, the guys are so dedicated and enjoy their way of life, I mean work……

Time for a spot of weed cutting
A little easier to fish now.

The girls and I went and fished for a few Mackerel on Chesil last night, great fun along with a few tangles.

Always take a spare reel!
Nows the time to head home for a fish supper…..

Finally tonight, page two and three of this weeks angling times “1000 pound record shark” a Six gilled shark caught off of Ireland, and through no fault of its own hung up amd weighed on a fork lift truck back at dock!……………. I would love to hear your comments?


Having spent a huge amount of time working outdoors, we should have at least some idea that it is fairly sensible to slap a bit of sun cream on from time to time, several days weed cutting and a bit of time afloat with little or no sun cream and its pay back time……a stupidly red nose, and face, ouch…..

Saturday, we had a challenging day guiding for “Fishing Breaks” on the Wrackleford Estate, a cold overcast morning soon changed into a bright hot, tough fish catching day, a few fish were caught, but most importantly we had a great day and a fab barbecue on the river.

Yesterday, purely by chance ended up out on Tony Kings Boston Whaler, with his new 115hp engine, yes we flew in search of a Bass on the fly……we worked extremely hard all day but the fish did not want to play, we caught a Pollack or two, hopefully a start as the Bass season picks up, check out his Bass Trips at fishing breaks website.

Right I have been stuck in the office for far to long on this beautiful day, I had better get down to the river and find out what is happening.

Late supper

A stupidly long day of meetings and looking at plans!

We were just finishing our dinner, the phone rang ” hi mate its Scott, lots of fishing chat………that Venison you cooked up the pond was cracking, what did you have for dinner tonight?……Venison mate, “did you take a picture of it? yep ” better put it on your blog! “OK “
Yum, and enough for the rest of the week…..

Weed cutting for the rest of the week!

Another great day

I was up at about 5.30 am catching up on a little FPWDFA work, high lighting a recent observation of an influx of an alien species of Azolla that I discovered on the middle reaches of the Frome, watch this space.

Also recent tagging of Sea Trout in Poole harbour, various incidents of Salmon poaching, meetings with the EA trust me its all go, all due to my new roll as vice chairman of the FPWDFA a position that I am very proud of… lets crack on with the job in hand…..

As the sun grew in strength I had just the most fantastic day along the DFC water, chatting to angler’s and pushing a mower for the best part of ten hours.
I heard of both Trout and Grayling of over 2lbs today!