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Weed cutting

The weekend just keeps getting better, and to top it all the weather is spot on!

We did a little light weed cutting on the DFC water on Saturday morning, bathed in warm sunshine and a fair few Mayfly hatching.

Creating just enough room to cast a fly….

The weed growth has gone a little mad over the last couple of weeks and I am hoping we can catch up with our cutting this coming week!

With the prospects of an increasing hatch of fly, on my return home I persuaded the girls to grab a picnic and within an hour we arrived at a tiny stream in the middle of I don’t know where!

Back you go…..

It was a great afternoon, we managed a few small ones on a Yellow Wulff, but my predicted hatch quickly dwindled to nothing…….There were clouds of spinners in the trees….

Picture’s and a few words

Its a true fact, if I don’t update my blog at least a couple of times a week people get a little twitchy, especially my mate Scott who is desperate for one or two more Florida pictures, its late and its a Friday night.

What a view, from the resturant….

Bull Shark!!!!!

We are pretty busy to say the least, I suppose we have now been involved in this fishy world for nearly twenty five years, so we must be doing something right!

A spot of guiding for “Fishing Breaks”

In this tough economic climate we are receiving new client enquiries most days, onwards and upwards as they say…….

Oh well here we go, a glass of wine, a few pictures and a days weed cutting tomorrow…..

New Personal Best……

We were blessed with fabulous weather for our last trip to Florida, another trip out with “Fish the Dream” I tell you this operation just keeps getting better!

Our guide Rodney Goodship (owner of Fish the Dream) was on top form, and it is always a pleasure to spend time fishing with him, this guy works 24/7, all the hours available, to make your stay a memorable one…

This trip was awesome, I shared it with Jim Whippy and we both went on to catch and release a couple of personal best fish each, I was over the moon to beat my Tarpon record by five pounds with a fish of 175 pounds, yep chuffed!!!!!!

Float fishing with a spinning rod……Hang on…..

Jim also had a personal best fish, another species and a whole lot bigger, you need to keep a watchful eye on “Boat Fishing Monthly” over the next few months and then you can read all about it, trust me it was huge!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had a mixture of species, including five or six fish over the magical hundred pounds…EACH
To sum it up in the words of my good mate Scott (who has caught bigger Tarpon out with Rodney) “World class fishing at a sensible price”

Bird song

I woke stupidly early, the bird’s were singing their little heads off, thinking of a beautiful spring morning I got up to nip down to the river for a walk, only to find it grey and chilly, so far I have made a pot of coffee, put on another jumper and turned on the computer!

I have been working on rivers all my life and to wake up and be excited about going to work is an awesome feeling, my wife many years ago asked me what I might do when I retire, well I am going to find a bit of river and look after it!

We are stocking Brown Trout today which is always great fun, and a good turn out of volunteer’s is expected.

I am going to put one under my favorite tree….

We use floating cages, which we place the fish in, starting upstream of the beat we then walk downstream spreading the fish out as we go.

I was guilty of watching fishing on the telly on a Friday night instead of actually going, now I seem to spend more time on the computer, its great you can fish all around the globe, any time you like, check out some of these sites. Fish the Dream, Henry Gilbey, Catch Magazine, Fishing Wild, Drake Magazine, and Midcurrent, and when your feeling inspired get out fishing!