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Kellys Bridge

On a slightly fun note we decided that due to the wind being of the chilly variety it would pay to take Elliot’s Kelly Kettle on all work days from now on!(apart from two days already this week due to heavy rain…)

Do not boil with cork in!

So far this week we have mown ten miles of river bank, woven willow, painted fishing huts, built bridges, drempt of catching fish from all round the world, had a suprise visit from the
Accidental Angler“, and had Rainbow Trout for tea…………… tomorrow we are stocking and attending various meetings!
Next week I leave Elliot and the gang in charge…oops lots of weed cutting….Whilst I end up in the Key’s in search of giant Tarpon with “Fish the Dream

Just wide enough for a mower….

Lot’s of rising fish, Grannom and Olives.
Adam saw a Mayfly on the Frome on Monday I saw one on Tuesday, and today we saw three on the Allen, if only we could slow time down a little………..

DDAS Duck race

Hi all, the DDAS is organising a fund rasing event for the “Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance” looks like a lot of fun for a very good cause, especially for all of us who spend a lot of time chucking spinners from rocky out crops along the jurasic coast!

Click here for more details


One of the most rewarding materials to work with is live willow…………….

The willow revetment we did here is about 18 months old and has protected this garden from further erosion, we came back to weave in all the new growth, adding to the stability of the project.

As nature intended….

You can naturally protect your property…..

We carefully harvest all our own willow.


They have arrived…………………

Scott and his lovely wife Alex caught a few today, then Lib’s and I turned up and on my second cast I lost all his gear, “sorry mate”, it must be one of those weekends!

Stunning, which ever way you cook them…..

Scott was so pleased with his catch and cook afternoon he sent me a picture of their supper….Respect….

Our work is published

We are very proud to say that some of our willow revetment work has been featured in the new “Wild Trout Trust” river restoration handbook!

Have a look here.

Here are one or two examples of our work.

Willow revetment…..