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OK, hands up who did not make it into work today?

A small part of Dorset was hit in the early hours by a large amount of snow. Very exciting I have not seen snow like this since I was at school, perhaps I should have gone sledging with Lib’s, but Chiv and I were on a mission, to go and work with water!

Maybe we should turn back………

It had to be, we were working away today which meant an early start, I made some fresh coffee at 4.15am and noticed it was snowing fairly heavily, by 5am we had a couple of inches so I set off for Crewkerne, met up with my buddy Chivers in Maiden Newton, by now there was eight plus inches……

My fault, I wanted to take a picture…

We were like a couple of kids and it was a further couple of hours before we reached our destination, but we made it to work!

Picture postcard stuff

A couple of hours later we were working by a lake in t shirts in warm sunshine, know wonder us Brit’s talk about the weather so much!

Global warming

The last two weeks have been frantic to say the least. All the gang, including me, have been putting in some serious hours, Tony and Elliot working hard for Kingcombe Aquacare on a lake restoration project in Devon.

Rob and I have been catching up on all our river duties. We are so very privileged to have management contracts on some of the most beautiful chalk stream fishing in southern England. (now only three weeks till Trout season !)

In the heart of Hardy country…

We had a great day with the IFM looking at behind the scenes at Bristol Zoo, especially their aquarium. Many thanks to all involved, we even had time for an ice cream!

Fish of all shapes and sizes….

I also attended the “What lies ahead for the UK’s chalk streams” seminar this week. Some very interesting points were raised throughout the day, thought provoking lectures including that of global warming, (a temperature rise of three degrees could affect our Salmonid population) and valuable workshops. It was great to see over a hundred like minded people under one roof, hopefully another step forward for the future of our chalk rivers.

The media has had a fairly negative approach towards the “credit crunch”, but thanks to all of you, we are the busiest we have ever been. We look forward to a very positive future and an exciting one looking after our passion, that being fishing and all that goes with it!

Trust me its far from doom and gloom, the whole fishing/conservation scene is at its strongest, the future looks GREAT, lets get on with it………..

PS a great picture of a Grayling on the lower Frome DDAS