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Tarpon Time

Rodney from “Fish the Dream” rang earlier with some great tales from the Florida Key’s.

Rodney with a cracking Permit….

For one reason or another the fish won on our last trip, but the folks after us cleaned up on some monster Amberjack and huge African Pompano!!!!!!!

The reason for his call was that some clients have let him down for two weeks during April (Prime Tarpon time) so if you fancy a week or two of some of the best fishing in the world, at a slight discount, I would get in touch, trust me you won’t be disappointed……

Late tonight, Frome meetings and an early start for an IFM meeting in Bristol tomorrow….


The cold snap that we were having in the UK some how followed us to Cuba and for the first four days of our family holiday, the wind blew at 40 kph with the temp barely reaching 18 degrees, a spot of fishing was just a dream……..

Andrea in the tropics..

Gradually the weather improved as did the window’s of fishing options, although any offshore trips were out of the question, there was a chance of a little shore fishing, and if the wind dropped enough a chance to fly fish on the Flats.

Choppy again!

We had a few days doing what tourists do, horse riding (fish spotting on horse back) along the beach and see who can get the coldest in the swimming pool competitions!

The wind died, the sun came out and it got really hot, great, missed a fish on a popper from the beach, probably a Cuda, that was the only take in a couple of evenings fishing.

I love the tropic’s…..

Things were looking up and I contacted fly fishing guides Abel and Orlando
(e mail: to arrange a couple of days fishing on the flats.

This is the first time that I had fished proper flats in search of Bone fish on the fly, those of you that have experienced it will know just how addictive it could become, chasing invisible fish in the clearest water on this planet that’s only six inches deep spread out over hundreds of miles, trust me its a challenge, but one of the most amazing ones!

Just off fishing….

An exciting drive that just went on and on into the middle of no where, dropped off with my guide Abel, then walk through mangroves to our chosen flat, eight of hours walking in search of tailing Bone fish.

There’s one, over there…..

Another fishing obsession is born….. This flats fishing is something else, my guide Abel knew his stuff, we found plenty of Bone fish only for me to not quiet get it right on a number of occasions, stripping a fly only to run out of line, fish too close to cast to, and the three I hooked just seemed to fall off!

A toothy Bone fish…

Great to be back, a big thank you to the team for keeping things going here, now its on with some work, we have lots to do as the Trout season is only a number of weeks away!