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Florida Keys

This time, I am sure there was a little luck involved, but I ended up on the right road out of Miami and ended up in Marathon Key in record time.

It was great to be back out for a visit and to fish with Rodney and Helen of “Fish the Dream” this time with the company of Simon Everett, a freelance journalist, out to collect some stories for various publications including Total Sea Fishing and the Field so watch this space!

Martin hooked up, (50lb class rod) only to have it eaten by something a lot bigger!

Apart from a cool first day the weather was on our side, it is fantastic to have some warmth in January, and on top of this it is Sailfish time, we saw a lot jump, usually a long way from the boat, the wind was only right for us to fish for them on a couple of occasions!

The fishing as always was full on, lots of fish on the FLY including my first FLY caught Shark, loads of Black Tips to 20 pounds, float fishing dead baits on light spinning rods!

A floating line and a Shark fly.

We lost an untold number of monster fish, usually grabbed by huge Mako and Bull Sharks, so luck was not on our side!

I also hooked my first Sailfish ( and missed a take), which quickly ended in tears, on this occasion the wind was perfect for using a Kite to present a surface bait a long way down the Chum slick, there seemed to be fish all over.

Largest fish of the trip was a 200 plus pound Bull Shark…. Result…..

Lots of sharp teeth….

We finished the trip at the IGFA headquarters in Fort Lauderdale and a spot of shopping in the huge Worldwide Sportsman superstore…….

IGFA…. all that way to buy a 7′ 6″ 3wt…….


Rob, Tim and Terry are currently producing some of the finest fire wood, from locally scourced seasoned wood inc Birch, Ash,Oak and Sycamore, this fine product can be collected or delivered within a ten mile radius of Dorchester, give them a ring on 01305 262307 or 07971 626027

Available in 40 pound sacks @ £4.00 per sack or 3 for £10.00

Frost then Floods

I always find the month of January a little disjointed, firstly it was to cold to fish and now its to flooded to do anything, let alone fish!

Looks like a much needed day in the office tomorrow, not just in front of the computer but trying to get used to using reading glasses, eyes tested for the first time since school, strange, but being able to tie a small fly onto fine line again, great….

A spot of clay shooting on Saturday, great fun up to the time my stupid gun decides to fire both cartridges, or “missiles” as Ben calls them at the same time, ouch!

Look there’s a Blue winged Olive….

We missed our fair share of clays to start off with and Nick said the cartridges I took didn’t work properly!

Then we got our eye in and nailed a few, a great morning.

John G is getting excited about catching a monster Tarpon this spring and has already started tying a few flies, and a few more……..

Can’t wait to try one of John’s

Cheers Glyn for the pattern advice…

On top of a busy week I have to sort out the gear for a trip out to the Keys on Friday, at the moment it’s cold and windy out there, not good, it needs to pick up a lot if were going to be in with a chance of a big shark on a fly……….

All about fish

Hi I am liberty
and i am crazy about fish like my dad, i have caught Little fish and big fish.
They have 1,000000000 scales all over their bodies and Little lines on there fins but they also have 1000 tiny dots in their eyes and a strange mouth .

Fish pass

We had the most amazing frosty, sun drenched morning, and seriously cold, and to top it, the first job of the day had to be in the water!!!

The winter beauty of the Frome valley….

A short spell in the office before the highlight of the day, the official opening of the Loud’s Mill fish pass.

Very honoured to be invited along, and to be a small part of this huge achievement!

A big thank you from the 80 plus Salmon that have so far made it upstream of Dorchester…..

Check out the DFC blog for even more detailed info on a fab day…..