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Archive of entries posted in the year 2009


As the cold mornings rain eased, Ben A and I disapeared for a few hours float fishing.

Bites were few and far between, we talked about fishing and food as always, and the possibility of a Chub or even a Barbel from a river next summer.
Well to cut a long story in at least half, as day was turning to dusk Ben slipped the net under a rather fine Perch, a new PB of 2lb 14oz, beating my old one by a whole 5oz, what a great Christmas present!

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Cold water Grayling

A great way to get a little motivation after the Christmas fill, is to spend most of the day wading in freezing water, fishing with very heavy nymphs in search of Grayling or the “Lady of the stream”.

John G and I headed north for an hour or so on some very icy roads, a car in front of us actually left the road and flipped on to its side, pretty scary stuff, we ran to the rescue and with a massive stroke of luck the occupant’s of the car were not hurt just a tad shaken!

Glyn drove for a few hours south and made us laugh for most of the day, catching a few fish and constantly reminding John G and I of the things that could bite (other than fish) when fishing for Mahseer in the jungles of southern India.

Thanks to John for helping guide me through the art of nymphing on a short line, great fun, thats the fab thing about fishing, we are all still learning something.

Glyn supplied the sausage rolls and pickled garlic cloves, John, cold ish soup and Christmas cake and I russled up some sarnies out of “glow in the dark” smoked salmon…..

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Christmas fishing continues

This spell of seriously cold weather continues, we are up to date on all our river work, our ponds are a tad frozen, so on with the fishing……
Elliot and I had a few hours on the lower Frome in freezing conditions, we struggled, but we had a fish or two and I must say a great time…. and were fishing again tomorrow……

Elliot managed a good fish from a very difficult spot….He is a top angler in this region and a main player in the “Riverworks team” our thanks go him and his family this christmas! Not forgetting Tim Rob and Terry for all their support during 2009 onwards and upwards for 2010…..

Today we set off at 6.30am and headed to a fantastic Trout fishery ( Manningford, where else) in Wiltshire, a christmas get together with lots of friends ( Huge thanks Paul to of Chesil Beach Angling Centre ).

A slightly icy journey north of Dorset, we arrived, lots of hot coffee, then on with the fishing, a slow start, a break for a full english breakfast at the local pub, then all hell broke loose, the fishing was great, off the scale, sorry only lures scored on this trip!!!!!!!

We all caught fish in the snow, and I must say they are some of the finest eating Rainbow Trout in the UK….

We are already taking bookings for next year, so if you fancy a spot of fishing with a great bunch of guides give us a ring 01305 257490 

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Seriously cold…..

we arrived at our swims on the upper Stour just before first light, a beautiful winter morning, and seriously cold!

We knew it would be tough going in these conditions and I have to say we moved swims just to stay in the SUN, we fished hard for one fish and a dropped run, I say we, I really ment Ben, he had the dropped run and the fish.

A lovely venue, great to go back and fish after probably twenty years!

We are all on Christmas wind down now, Grayling fishing tomorrow, and a jolly to Maningford Trout fishery near the upper Avon on Tuesday……..Living the dream Ash…….

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Twiddling stix

I used to spend a huge amount of time Piking during the winter months on the rivers in Dorset, I never caught anything to go in any record books, but I did get a few!

Tomorrow for the first time in many years I am fishing the Stour for Pike and I cannot wait, but the little bit of kit that bought lots of great memories flooding back, was simply the “twiddling stick” the greatest bit of kit ever for making up your own Pike traces.

I have just made up a few using the fab VB doubles made by Partridge Hooks and Drennan 20lb seven strand wire and the whole lot “twiddled a treat” roll on first light!

If you have nothing better to do on a cold winters night why not stay in and watch River Cottage on the 23rd December, you might just recognise one or two of the local fishing characters making fools of themselves including one person catching a Dogfish……….