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Plan B

We had an awesome family Christmas Day, Andrea and I spoilt our guests with the best local Dorset produce.

Picture by Mr John Hallett, top Grandad.

Boxing day began with a much needed river walk and a bit of a family get together in the evening.

Yesterday, Ben A and I took the girls to a lake to fish for Pike, (I had serious speed wobble on some ice in my truck, the folks in the nice red car behind thought it was quiet funny) it could have been minus 10, we found a gap in the ice and wobbled dead baits for an hour, it was too cold even for the pike to feed, but not for us as we rustled up a spot on winter feast on the barbecue then headed home!

It could have been our last meal, not long after this picture was taken we had to take a boat out through the ice to get Ben’s Pike trace out of a tree…..

Today we had a trip booked out top mate Ivan Wellington but as usual the wind decided to blow from the east at about a 4 or 5, not good, so we came up with a plan B, a trip to Throop fishery.

It was cold, Ben G, Scott and I fished pretty hard until after dark, roving, trying all methods, at the end of the day we all caught fish, top man was Scott with a Chub, Ben next with two minnows (coarse fish) and after a long days Chubbing I managed to catch a Sea Trout from one of the finest river coarse fisheries in southern England…

A well needed coffee break with Ben’s Kelly Kettle.

At last the reason we went fishing, Scott’s Chub….respect!

Christmas eve Grayling

For some reason I found myself in the kitchen at 6am this morning, prepping for the big day ahead, watching Tarpon video clips (burning breakfast), cooking a game pie, and simmering a little bit of Pike for the cat, and it didn’t get light until 8am, roll on BST.

After lunch, the girls headed off shopping, in full Christmas spirit.

I managed to spend a couple of hours down on the Frome taking a few pictures of some friends out Grayling fishing.

Overcast, mild, water looking perfect, the first fish I saw was a Salmon of about 8lbs sat above a bridge, I then caught up with Nick and Ben, both dab hands at nymphing.

Great fun on a Sage 3wt….

With a small hatch of Olives the fish were fairly eager, Ben doing well using an Olive Nymph taking a handful of fish to about a pound, a great way to spend part of Christmas Eve, let the festivities begin………..ENJOY…………

Best head home for a glass of wine!

Grayling on a dry fly

A grey chilly, pre Christmas get together by Adrian’s kind invitation, to once again fish on the famous Wilton estate.

John, Glyn and I arrived to meet Adrian the River keeper for a quick cup of coffee and a pre fish chat around 9 ish.

Our mornings fishing was spent on different beats, I headed down stream in search of a Chub (one small Grayling) and John and Glyn headed off in search of Grayling on the nymph, and caught far more!

we then met for lunch and a glass of wine.

Is there more to life than talking about fish?

A change of tactics after lunch, I switched over to the fly and much to my delight there was a trickle of Olives for an hour or so and I managed a fish or two on a dry fly (in December), as did John G, while Glyn sneaked a few out on the Nymph, a great day and great company….Thanks….

Adrian, all in a days work….. Cheers.

Another day on the river

With christmas rapidly approaching, we have been busy getting all our chores up to date for some of our chalk stream clients, hatchery boxes, tree work, fencing, trying to lighten the load for the new year………..which is already looking busy!

Lots of Brown Trout eggs into one of our egg boxes….

We have spent the last couple of days trimming over grown willow on the Frome opening up a little more fishing, on lovely frosty clear days.

Stihl tools, great bits of kit………..

Top Cat skipper

Not only is Ivan Wellington a top skipper on his boat Top Cat out of Weymouth (see links) but he is also leading the way in still water Trout fishing on the fly, or was he using a storm shad on a portland rig? we look on with a little envy……

The new alloy landing net, with two handles!!!

The new portland landing net is strong enough to transport all your catch to the car in one go…..

Ivan has also had Tarpon to 200lb in West Africa…. Respect!!!!!!!!!!!!