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Three above freezing!

A tad chilly and wet today, Ben and I nipped down to the tidal Frome in search of a large Roach, Ben had the first bite in the form of a fed up white Dove that stole a piece of Somerfield white Roach bread, then dragged a 5AAA loafer across the car park, as Ben rightly said it always pays to fish barbless…..
Right on slack water my float slipped out of sight, and after a moment of excitement, I caught a nice out of season Brown Trout, on sweetcorn, not the Roach we were after, but we will be back….

A stunning wild Trout.

And the other extreme, trout zilla………(NOT on the Frome)

Wobbled Roach….

For those of you who love Grayling, check out the Dorchester and District Angling Society website, and the picture of Mikes 4lb 1oz fish.
A little on the Lady of the stream on the DFC website…..(Blog)

Plus lots of Grayling fishing at a winter discount! (DDAS)

I have just looked at my fishing diary, the last entry was early June, oops due to blogging most things I seem to have neglected the best diary of all, yes the hand written one, maybe its time to catch up…

Its rapidly heading up to in stream hatchery box time and we have now been round all the sites, mending sluice boards, re-plumbing egg boxes, and sorting out all the required paperwork.

Busy also with all our winter tasks, lots of odd jobs on the Frome, and its garden pond time! Thats right we also do domestic garden ponds….

Coir bank protection on the middle Frome.

At last the run of no bites ended today, suddenly in the fading daylight, in the shape of a large Pike taken on a wobbled Roach……………Returned to grow even bigger!

Now? Have any of you fished the flats of Cayo Coco, Cuba, I need as much info as possible….

Top marks…..

Its a cold grey day outside, inside the wood burner is working its way through logs collected throughout last season, and I am working out the next move to get a bend in a rod, at this rate it might even be a still water Trout fishery.

We have fished a few top marks over the last couple of weeks, and had great fun, on our last beach trip after Cod, we literally pushed the boat out, rowed and walked to the best spot on the beach, three of us fished hard all day for a grand total of NO bites, as usual we were a week late.

All aboard the Cod ferry….

Time is of the utmost importance, to catch fish you need to be able to go at the drop of a hat, IE when they are there!

Most of us have work and families to put first, which I feel makes those trips so worth while, it doesn’t actually matter if you don’t catch a fish, its just being there that’s important!

The wild life along the Jurassic coast is spectacular.
Picture-John G

Its not just the fishing that’s a little slow, we have been trying our hands at a little shooting, I need a bit more practise, to be able to bag a meal or two.

Its all part of growing up, or is it old….

And as for last night, Ben, Tone and I went Squid Jigging in a biting NW gale, it was so cold Tone went and sat in the car.

We went to a mark that was so secret, the Squid didn’t even know where it was!

Lets see what the weekend brings?

It gets dark early….

This has to be the fastest year ever!

The trout season is now over, I had it in the back of my mind to trot for Grayling this afternoon, but again the Frome is up and like coffee!

A week or so ago John G and I went along to the Wiltshire Fisheries AGM, by kind invitation of Adrian Simmonds the keeper at Wilton, great lectures on the genetics of Brown Trout, a fantastic curry (slightly better than the DFC electro curry, but only by a tiny tiny bit..).
Followed by a spot of frantic Grayling fishing on Adrian’s well managed fishery…..

Lots on a dry(ish) fly…

Kev and I nipped out late yesterday for a spot of Pigeon shooting, we missed every one that we shot at, but after a short secret mission on the way to our shooting I ended up with a new pair of wellies and a Phesant that someone else ran over…

Maybe one day, game could feel in danger, but it could be a while…..

I spent a while, after spending most of the day collecting and splitting logs for the wood burner, just browsing through a few pictures from earlier this year, and one or two made me chuckle….

Libs caught a bigger one than me…

John, Big Trout and tiny streams….

I caught more and ate more than my Dad…

Are there any Sharks near Portland?

Final question, will a 14 wt be enough to cast this popper….

I have just noticed the weather forecast for tomorrow, take care…..