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Bass Trip

I have just come off the phone, after lots of fishing chat, with a nice guy by the name of Andy King.

He is looking for four people to join his gang for a days fishing out on Paul Whittalls boat Offshore Rebel out of Weymouth, on Sunday the 2nd of November,

please give him a ring if you fancy it. 01305 261841

River visit

I only found out on Monday that there was to be an IFM meeting at Louds Mill fish pass, a great turn out, all IFM members from the EA, (from all of the southern regions) CEH, and a strong showing of Kingcombe Aquacare managment, and thanks to Andy Martin (E.A.) for the detailed talk on this fabulous new structure.

A captivated audience.

After our visit to the Louds Mill fish pass, Allan Frake suggested a tour of our recently finished enhancement project further down stream of Dorchester, everyone was impressed with the scale of this project, importantly understanding that you have to be fairly bold with the works in order to get them to work!

Impressed by those new rapids…

Further antics…..

We finished on a huge high on Friday, all our work on the Frome was a great success.

Two new gravel riffles, one now with the affectionate nick name “The Rapids”, some bank re-profiling and some in channel scrapes.

I had to arrive early to be sure that the new riffles sounded right.

John Colton, of Kingcombe Aquacare checking on our handy work….

Adding a little more to the “Rapids”

Great to have a full team on board,a huge thanks to Allan Frake from the Environment Agency…

Pleased with the end result….. YEP!

Sunday a day of rest, a slightly choppy day out on Top Cat catching one or two fish to take home for tea….

The secret in surviving a rough trip is to eat the biggest breakfast in the harbourside bistro prior to setting sail…

A tad choppy today….

John had one with a beak…

Anth had a few… Another great day many thanks to Ivan, as always!!!

Frome antics….

We are very pleased to be involved as project managers for a complex habitat improvement project on our cherished river Frome.

Blessed with fine weather we have successfully completed the first major stage, installing two new riffles using 200 tons of 20 to 40mm gravel, we are confident that in the coming winter months that these new riffles will be used for spawning by Salmon, Sea Trout, Brown Trout, and possibly the lesser well known Lampreys on the Frome.

Many thanks to the Environment Agency, Kingcombe Aquacare, Natural England, and The Dorset Wildlife Trust.

A busy day tomorrow, meetings with all involved.

The bigger the bucket and spade the better…

Carefully placing the new gravel..

A beautiful weekend

Almost up together on our work load, time to have a full family weekend.

Saturday the girls and I cycled from Abbotsbury to West Bexington to get a feel for the early autumns Cod fishing along the world famous Chesil bank, lots and lots of anglers!!!

A few Cod are being caught, some early Whiting and still a few Black Bream.

Here are a few pictures from this sunny warm weekend…..

Libs trying for a Bass just before dark.

Lib’s phoning “mum” complaining about just catching Dogfish and Pout!

It turns out that Paul from the tackle shop caught three Cod to over SIX pounds not far from where we were fishing, respect!

Sunny again today, lets try again….

Blue Sky at last….

A waiting game!

Just as the tide started to flood we had to go home….

Fresh Bream for supper, very tasty, an early night as we start a new restoration contract on the Frome early tomorrow……