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Its nearly October

My desk seems to be overloaded seven days a week at the moment, what with various risk assessments, method statements, meetings to attend, plans, drawings and news letters to write, looks like a busy weekend !

Managed a day out on Top cat last Sunday with a group of good friends and a few good catches.

Updates on the team’s recent river work will follow, when I find a bit of time.

Here are a few pictures of recent events to be going on with …

Old verses new…

Maybe, just maybee, all anglers are a little bonkers……. when the winds from the east the fish bite least!

Buy one get one free….

Double hook up….

Fishing Huts

The postman knocked on our door fairly early today, delivering a book, what a book, all about fishing huts, its absolutly fantastic, well done to author Jo Orchard-Lisle.

Home cooking

This blog entry is for my fishing buddy Scott, a tad un well at the moment!
We hit a Pigeon today at work, I could not bare to let it go to waste, so we did a quick U turn, and we had it for dinner tonight!
Beautiful, trust me!
Lightly fried with garlic and thyme….
Served with a light salad and horseradish mash…

Our first road kill dinner….

I didn’t let on until after dinner and Andrea said it was a fine meal, this puts the humble Pigeon at the top of the free food list!

Rivers and things

After working silly hours during the week, most weekends and what with the all the preparation for two days at the Dorset County Show last week, it was great to have some quality family time at last this weekend. A good two hours of walking, along the lower waters, great fun, some super shots taken by Andrea and still river orientated, fortunately the girls both love it as much as me!

We had heavy cloud bursts on Friday, which consequently spoilt most of the river fishing for this weekend anyway, even tried some tiny streams, but it was just too coloured.

A whistle stop trip to Street, worked very much in my favour on arrival at the Orvis shop, “oops”… Nice Sunday morning idea Andrea !!!!

Checking out the Red Cow stables.

Water works….

Just above DEADMANS!!!!


Can I be a River Keeper Dad?

A Tarpon on a fly before my next birthday…….?????

Its show time

OK, enough is enough!!!!
Jokes over, surely it cannot rain for a whole year.
We finished setting up our stand at the Dorset County Show at about 8pm and it was a little damp to say the least, but all involved were very up beat about the coming weekend, so get in there and give it the support it needs……

No better reason for a pie and a pint…..

We will be there, whatever, so come and chat about “Rivers and Things”……