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Not by chance

Apparently one of the easier places to catch Mullet, but Mike and I worked our fishing skills to the core today, for a fish a piece,(mike also lost a couple and landed a good Chub) a great day!!!

Nice to fish with such light gear!

Its been a while….(if we hooked half the fish that followed!!!!)

A great place to fish, and plenty going on, day tickets avaliable in Christchurch tackle shops.

Fabulous Dorset

Can you believe six whole months of 2008 has now passed!

Time to get our little fishing heads on and get out, rather than just thinking about it…..

Saturday I was lucky enough to spend the day on the Frome with friends, we managed a few missed fish and one on a GRHE nymph and home in time for tea.

Just being there, its good for the soul….

Sunday morning the girls and I shot down to Chesil Cove, a spot of fishing and a picnic with friends, we caught nowt! lots of warm sunshine, I tied up a few Mullet rigs for tomorrow……

Nipped home for a cup of coffee, dropped the girls off, they shot up to the allotment to harvest some potatoes and loads of salad, and you guessed it I met up with Ben A to try for a Bass, we saw plenty, nearly caught one, but ended up with enough Mackerel for the smoker, all caught on Tobys in a seriously rough sea!

180 thousand people at Glastonbury this weekend! great, nobody on the fleet, result……

Earlier in the day Eliot drove past and shouted what are you doing, I replied loudly I don’t Know but its great……!!!!!

Scott and Alex look on my website to see what were having for dinner, smoked Mackerel again folks….

Early start tomorrow, a day off, were going Mullet fishing in Christchurch Harbour cannot wait!!!!

Trust me an opportunity missed has gone forever! do it, your a long time Not Fishing……..

Frome Test and Mackerel

Some say that a few pictures tell the best tales, its late we have been busy, so I will give it a go….

Keepering the River Frome, Fantastic…..

A number of very important meetings regarding a number of large habitat improvement projects on the River Frome, watch this space…

Begining to update our website with a case studies page, this might take a while but we will fill it with details of lots of exciting projects that we have undertaken over the last few years…

Last night as a family we went to the famous “Chesil Beach” caught loads of Mackerel and our daughter Libs caught her first Mackerel on a spinner, casting, all by her self (proud Dad).
Andrea caught a Red Gurnard and a Spider Crab and the most Mackerel, to round off a fab evening we all had home smoked Mackerel for a late supper!

Libs caught supper!

Great with a little Horseradish!

Early today I set off for a days guiding on the Test, with my good friend Tony King, a great day was had by all, and on some of the beats “Halford” fished a few years ago!

What a venue, what history…..

There is always the one that got away….

A spot of weed cutting to round the week off, with the remote chance of a Bass tomorrow night…..

Plan B…..

Saturday was a little gloomy, grey with drizzle, I spent most of the day working.

I was going a little stir crazy by about 4pm, by chance Rob A rang and persuaded me to go and fish the river with him for a couple of hours, in a short space of time, we managed a couple of nice fish and all of a sudden it felt a better day…..

I just about sneeked past this young family…

Nipped to Dorchester carnival, for an hour in the pouring rain with my family, rang Ivan (Top Cat) to find our boat trip cancelled due to extreme wind!!!!!!

Some of the gang came for supper and after a drop of grape juice we came up with plan B……

To explore the Mangroves of Portland Harbour, I missed one, Kev nearly missed one as did Dom, Emma hooked 3 Bass and landed one…..

We decided on the inshore option….

A spot of wreck fishing!

What a view…..

The new Storm hair grip…

Its that time of year.

There is only so much that one can write about strimming and mowing …

Its very difficult to big it up in any way, but the one good thing is that it always looks very smart when its finished and you can leave that particular beat with the knowledge that you will return within the next couple of weeks to do it all again!

Fail to make that date due to rain or some other excuse “fishing in the keys simply not good enough”, and you will be landed with a whole host of work ! Pop to that beat, a quick whip around with the mower then off fishing, but it just never seems to work out that way !!!

When will I mow you again?

I tend to wade for most of my fishing, but when I was out with some of the DFC rods this week it was rewarding to be able watch them fish comfortably from the bank, and catch a fish or two.

Waiting, its important…….

Grab that little bit of me time, it does the soul a lot of good, there is not much of it about, use it sensibly and go FISHING….