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April fools day….

I hope you all like my up-dated blog site!

The fencing contractors (Simon Johnson and team) have done a fantastic job on the DFC Ten Hatches beat, cannot wait to cast a fly there tomorrow, providing I remember to renew my EA licence…. dont forget folks, I might even try to do it on line later….

SJ Fencing thank you

The Frome looks nothing short of fantastic, today there was a few Grannom hatching and one or two fish rising, though to be honest everything still resembles the end of February, perhaps we will have a hot summer.

Last summer.

Sorry but I fancy a little global warning, Tarpon and Bone Fish in poole Harbour, terrible…

Daffodils in full flower looked like a good time for a Pike on the fly, we did try but failed…

But we had a lot of fun…

We have a new supa mower, too wet today to try it out, how frustrating, it even comes with a drinks bottle carrier, also invested in a new chain saw after drowning one last week decided to have at least two on every job.

Lets see what the first day of the Trout season brings tomorrow, time to dust off my one weight and have a glass of wine….. Happy Fishing

Late Winter

Easter Monday and still no sign of the spring, a biting NW wind, and the odd snow shower.

I have just come in having spent the evening on Weymouth beach with my mate John after an early Bass, no luck, we fished with whole Squid on a 2.3m spring tide, maybe next time.

We were at the wedding of my fishing buddy Scott and his now wife Alex at a fabulous country hotel just outside of Wincanton (Holbrook House) over the weekend, I was best man and our daughter was a bridesmaid, what a fantastic weekend, good luck to you both, your fab….

It does not seem right that The Trout season starts in a week or so, we are busy on the Frome all week with a few finishing touches before things get going on the 1st of April.

I have to say I love warm weather, and I cast my mind back to fishing in the tropics during the winter months over the last few years, many fabulous destinations, and many plans for the coming year, one of our best trips being with Fish the Dream, the year before last, here is a few warming pictures to help with this cold snap….

The Silver King Scotts largest 180 pounds….

Is it a Whale or a Shark?

Dave the crab heads off down tide at 7 mile bridge in search of a 100 pounder…

Birthday Treats…

What a way to spend a birthday …

Breakfast and a few pressies with my lovely family, then off with Elliot to one of the finest Dorset Estates to make yet more of their fishing fishable followed by an evening with the APLF and a fabulous talk by John Colton, MD of Kingcombe Aquacare about RHS Wisley and their works, which was nothing short of “WOW”. I have never been to a talk where the whole room is in awe of the guest speaker.

We all retired to the local for a swift pint, great way to end the day…

Today we had a trip to West Bay, and I was bullied into buying another fly rod….
watching Kingcombe Aquacare de-silt the harbour and eating fish and chips.

OOOps another Rod and a lure box like Conger Kevs

We have updated our riverworks website, and I cannot wait for the spring to come, more Bass and other saltwater fly fishing….

John G showed me a clip of some HUGE Amberjack off the Atlantic coast of France, could they head slightly north?

Tomorrow is Scott’s wedding day, cannot wait, I have my speech off to a T, and one or two surprises for my fishing buddy.

Tarpon fishing in May, in search of the silver king and maybe our first 200 pounder….

Party on…

Scotts stag do this weekend, clay shooting, curry, and lashings of ginger beer!

The heaviest rain so far this year, it literally poured, the Frome flooded, and I broke my new gun.

Scotts new deer stalker

A BIG thanks to all of Scotts mates, Purbeck Shooting School, the Gurker Resturant, and me for being his best man….


Listening to a gardening program sometime ago on Radio 2, the guest announced during her talk, “No matter how small ones garden, one should always set aside at least an acre for wild flowers” fantastic….

No matter how small ones house, one should always set aside at least most of it for fishing gear and other hobbies!

Sure beats TV…

We were out and about as usual today, and we came across a huge wood ants nest, out of the wind but in warm spring (ish) sunshine were millions of the little fellas sunning themselves.

Caught lounging around in the sun.

As the gales subsided I made it back with just enough reserved energy to russle up a few Scallops….. Watch out for my new cooking pages.

Scallops an ideal starter….