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Electric Fishing

We spent the day doing our annual fish survey with the Dorchester Fishing Club, counting our Trout population and sending our Pike off to a new home.

A big thank you to Rod Crane for spending the day counting from the bank, data avaliable once sorted….

Also a big thank you to Scott, Matt, George, and Matt from Kingcombe Aquacare for their professional approach, and the rather fab lunch that we all provided.

The CEH were also present, and managed to tag somewhere in the reigon of 300 Salmon Parr, they were very pleased.
As always the electric fishing for the club is an important time of the year, representing both the end, and the begining of seasons, we have a very busy time ahead of us, Gravel washing the Salmon Redds, Redd counting, habitat projects….

The team hard at it……

Electric Fishing

Nothing better than waking before the alarm every morning because your excited about going to work……

Work with water and fish and you could do the same, OK electric fishing is pretty exciting, especially on a stretch of water that we have not fished before, a local syndicate, a good bunch of dedicated anglers, needed a fish population survey done, and the Pike found a new home.

A big thank you to Scott and Matt from Kingcombe Aquacare.

DFC tomorrow……

Getting set up

Still time to talk about Fishing…..

Scott with one of the Pike ready to go to its new home….

Corporate Day

We were asked on our stand at the Dorset show if we provide corporate entertainment in the way of fly fishing days, well we do…..

Today we had a great bunch from Travis Perkins on the Trout lakes at Tolpuddle.

We started the day with a good breakfast and plenty of coffee, then we sent those who could fish off to fend for themselves, concentrating the tuition on those needing an introduction to fly fishing.

The fishing was a bit of a challenge (due to changable weather), stacks of fish seen and hooked a few lost and a few landed, great fun was had by all, we were lucky with the weather apart from the constant force 10 sw wind, but even the complete novices cast nothing short of well……

A big thanks to all involved.

After breakfast a little informal tuition

One for dinner….


Due to gale force winds tomorrow our trip out with Ivan is cancelled, so a day off is called for, to collect my big game reels after their pre Florida service, to Yeovil to collect my new shotgun, and a seafood lunch somewhere with my wife, after a Black Bream dinner….

Spent a few fine days earlier this week catching up with our river duties to free up a little time to help my good friend Graham on a pond project, so if your pond is in need of an overhall give us a ring….Grahams number is 01305 267797




The evenings have started to draw in, and its getting a little cooler in the mornings, the Trout season is rapidly running out, and my camera got broken at a party over the weekend…….

But as I write this, the battery is on charge for my new camera, and it even takes pictures underwater so watch this space.

As per usual this time of year seems to be the busiest, gravel washing, revetment projects, electric fishing, tree work all to be completed by the 1st Nov deadline, looks like the team are going to be busy, and Ive got to sneak to the Keys for a few days to bag a Sailfish!!!!!!!

A couple of random pictures to be going on with, and those of you fishing with Ivan on Friday, don’t look at wind guru.
Jurassic coast……..

A minute part of the Frome valley in the spring