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Ringstead beach

August bank holiday and we are having a micro heat wave, lets make the most of it!!!!!

Spent a fabulous family day with friends on the beach, and Simon and I decided that a spot of fishing on his kayak was the order of the day, we spent hours until dark fly fishing and plugging, I hooked something on the fly and lost it, Simon had a couple of follows on a popper……

I managed somehow to capsize us about half a mile offshore, I trod water with all the fishing gear and Simon managed to sort the boat out, it was touch and go for a minuite or two……..

Where are all the fish?

Lets try and find them.

At Last…

Would you believe it….. yes we had sunshine, flat calm seas, and lots and lots of fish!!!!!!
Only six on the boat, lots of room to land all those fish, and we returned more than we kept…

Ivan Wellington on TOP CAT did us proud, he put us on a mark that was very productive, to say the least……..

Eliot caught more than his fair share…

Gonna need a bigger boat!!

Gonna need a bigger pan..

Mikes first Conger…..

Fishing on Top Cat

Due to most of the gang being away, I have one or two spare places on a boat trip with world famous skipper Ivan Wellington on Friday the 24th August.

We could well continue our quest for a shark, or just do a little sport fishing with a chance of taking something home for tea…..

If you fancy it please give me a ring in the next day or so…..

Home 01305 257490

Mobile 07889 680464

Top Cat skipper Ivan

Fishing with Will

Well it was meant to be ….. A bunch of us keen fishermen headed east to a secret beach, for Will’s stag night.

We ate fresh mackerel and drank fine wines. But for me, the icing on the cake had to be the capture of a fine Bass, almost at low water on a freelined mackerel head and on a very light spinning rod. The evening of fishing fun finally ended around 3am to then be woken at first light with rain and an increasing sw wind. Needless to say, the journey back was somewhat choppy !!!!

Bens specimen mackerel

Bass, chuffed!!!!!

Nice Reels

These Penn formula reels are the fishes scales!!!!

15kg loaded with 80lb braid, first fish on one a 130lb Tarpon, first fish on the other a 250lb Hamerhead…

The little reel is my trusty 7HT, all reels off to be serviced at Reels and Deals in Weymouth.

I am now off to Ringstead to fish high water…
Nice Reels….